Tuition Billing/Refunds

Tuition Billing Statement

Upstate no longer issues paper student bills.  Bills are created on a semester basis and are available online 4 weeks before the first week of classes based on a students registration. 

  1. Once your bill is generated, an email is sent to your Upstate email address notifying you that your bill is available. Therefore, it is very important that you check your email regularly.
  2. To view or print a copy of your tuition statement you must log into your MyUpstate account under the Student Accounts tab.
  3. It is vital to confirm your attendance and accept financial responsibility each semester by the payment due date even if the amount due is zero or a credit balance exits on your account.
  4. Confirming enrollment is a process which student refunds are created when financial aid funds are paid to your account.
  5. Student billing statements are available online 24/7 through your MyUpstate account.

If you do not confirm your attendance by the due date, the College will assume you are not attending and your registration and financial aid will be canceled. If there is any credit balance on your account, your refund will NOT be processed.

To maintain your class schedule your account must have a zero balance. Students who do not pay their charges and/or confirm their attendance each semester by the payment due date are subject to being deregistered. Confirming your attendance will activate registration, housing, financial aid eligibility and access to all on-line services.


Adding or dropping a course may result in a revised bill. You will receive an email notifying you of the change and you must go to your student account in MyUpstate to review. It is important to make payment immediately for the balance due to avoid late holds and late fees.

WHEN Is My Bill Due

                              TUITION PAYMENT DUE DATES FOR 2013-2014

   PROGRAM                       FALL 2013              SPRING 2014          SUMMER 2014

   MSIII & MSIV                       5/24/13                     1/3/14                          

   DPT  & PA                            5/31/13                     1/3/14         

   MSI-EARLY                           5/31/13                     1/3/14

   MSI  &  MSII                        8/09/13                     1/3/14          

   ALL OTHER PROGRAMS         8/23/13                     1/3/14                        5/3/14              



Notification of student refund will be sent to your Upstate email address provided:

  • You have confirmed enrollment and accepted financial responsibility.
  • You have a credit balance on your account
  • The University has received your funds and you are eligible for a refund

    Refunds will be issued either by check or direct deposit.

    How to sign up for Direct Deposit

  • Log onto your MyUpstate account
  • Select the Student Accounts Tab
  • Select the link for Sign-up for Direct Deposit/E-refund
  • Selecting this link will launch a new browser-Student Accounts Online
  • Select Direct Deposit/E-refund
  • Select the link next to Enroll in Direct Deposit for your refunds
  • Enter your Bank Account information
  • Refunds will be deposited into your account when they become available.
  • If you need to make changes to your banking information:
  • Select Direct Deposit/eRefund choose edit my account and make your change and save.
  • Do not use edit my account under "My saved accounts" this will not update your information.