College of Health Professions Class Officers

2014 - 2015

Content For This Page Still Being Developed! Information listed is the most up-to-date information received by the Office of Campus Activities from the student officers.

Cardiovascular Perfusion 2015

President: Mike Liu
Vice President: April Classey
Secretary: Sarah Polum
Treasurer: Nabil Mimari
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Bruce Searles

Cardiovascular Perfusion 2016

President: Anthony Corsino
Vice President: Pedro Gallegos, Jr.
Secretary: Korban Lokhandwala
Treasurer: Gabrielle Ferraro
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Edward Darling

Clinical Laboratory Science 2015

President: Kailey Kinsella
Vice President: Chelsea Hanno
Secretary: Allison Harrington
Treasurer:Phillip Millspan
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Susan Graham

Clinical Laboratory Science 2016

Vice President:
Faculty Advisor: Susan Graham

Medical Imaging Sciences 2015

President: Abbey Dumond
Vice President: Erin Clinton
Secretary: Melanie Thorpe
Treasurer: Steve Melfi
Faculty Advisor: Mr. David Clemente

Medical Imaging Sciences 2016

President: Michael Brooks
Vice President: Cara Pontello
Secretary: Emily Anderson
Treasurer: Ashley Leger
Faculty Advisor: Mr. David Clemente

Physical Therapy DPT 2015

President: Cara Corasaniti
Vice President: Grace McIntosh
Secretary: Jordan Remillard
Treasurer: Alexis Deming
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Carol Recker-Hughes

Physical Therapy DPT 2016

President: Matthew Harrison
Vice President: Austin Hagel
Secretary: Jasminn Bean
Treasurer:Joe Dwyer III
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Amy DeBlois

Physical Therapy DPT 2017

President: Michael Davis
Vice President: Anna Daucher
Secretary: Abbey Lind
Treasurer: Lauren Stockli
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Adam Rufa

Physician Assistant 2015

President: Megan Maloney
Vice President: Danielle Allington
Secretary: Stephanie Calenzo
Treasurer: Diana Mendoza
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Karen Thrasher

Physician Assistant 2016

President: Colleen Larson
Vice President: Lauren Krisak
Secretary: Ellie Radin
Treasurer: Rebecca Sciliano
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Karen Thrasher

Radiation Therapy BS 2015

President: Lauren Peterson
Vice President: Brittany Szucs
Secretary: Anna Brothers
Treasurer: Hal Appleby
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Joan O'Brien

Radiation Therapy BS 2016

President: Michael Martirek
Vice President: LeAnn Spingler
Secretary: Abbey Whiting
Treasurer: Brandon Frary
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Joan O'Brien

Radiation Therapy BPS 2015

President: Samantha Benn
Vice President/Treasurer: Amy Stefanik
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Joan O'Brien

Radiation Therapy BPS 2016

President: Hannah Eklund
Vice President/Treasurer: Zachary Fellows
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Joan O'Brien

Respiratory Care 2015

President: Alex Tabone
Vice President: Jeffrey Bilharz
Secretary: Taylor Mizro
Treasurer: Stefanie Ryan
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Joseph Sorbello

Respiratory Care 2016

President: Danielle Maye
Vice President: Daniel DeMatties
Secretary/Treasurer: Neil Albito
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Joseph Sorbello

Information regarding student organization meetings and activities may be found posted on the Upstate Campus Activities web calendar.