Student Employment Opportunities at the CAB

The following are the CAB Job Opportunities and a brief description of each one. If you are interested in more information, feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or stop by the office in the Upper Basement of the CAB.

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Should you require additional assistance, feel free to stop by the Campus Activities Office and see Chuck Simpson or Christina Sutphen or email:

Student Manager

The Student Manager acts as a supervisor for all activities and staff in the Campus Activities Building during the early morning, evening and weekend hours. The Manager should have a knowledge of the operations and services of the CAB. He or she should also demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills, management and decision making skills, and should be able to effectively work with a diverse clientele. Early morning, evening and weekend hours available. Starting Salary is $8.50 per hour.


The lifeguard is responsible for supervising and monitoring activity in the pool, pool area and sauna. The lifeguard must possess as minimum qualifications: current advanced lifesaving and basic life support cardiopulmonary resuscitation (9hr.. CPR), certificates from the American Red Cross or equivalent certifying agency on the basis of standards set by the Commissioner of Health. CPR must be renewed annually and advanced lifesaving renewed every three years. Day, evening and weekend hours available. Starting Salary is $8.50 per hour.

Student Office Assistant

The Student Office Assistant has general office responsibilities. Some of the required functions include: answering telephones; issuing equipment; checking IDs of patrons utilizing the athletic facilities; recording and tallying attendance statistics; and other projects as assigned by the Director or Assistant Director of Campus Activities or Student Manager. This staff person is responsible for security measures of the CAB and is either stationed at the desk in the Campus Activities Office or at the front door of the building on Elizabeth Blackwell Street. Hours available include days, evenings and weekends. Day, evening and weekend hours available. Starting Salary is $7.50 per hour.

Nautilus and Fitness Instructor

The Nautilus and Fitness Instructors responsibility is to supervise and monitor activity in the Nautilus Exercise and Free Weight Training Rooms. He or she will assist in the training of the proper use of equipment to new members and students and be responsible for keeping weight room areas neat, orderly and clean. He or she should have a knowledge of the safe and proper operation of all the exercise equipment in the CAB. Day, evening and weekend hours available. Starting Salary is $7.25 per hour.

Intramural Sports Coordinator

The Intramural Sports Coordinator is responsible for coordinating, along with the Director, all aspects of the Intramural Sports schedule. This includes: publicity and promotion of the leagues; scheduling contests; running captains meetings; arranging for referees; and maintenance of sports equipment. He or she should have thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sports offered on the intramural schedule. Evening and weekend hours available.Starting Salary is $7.50 per hour.

Movie Projectionist

The Movie Projectionist is responsible for showing the films on the Campus Activities Governing Board (CAGB) Film Series. This individual is responsible for picking up and returning the film and cash box to the Campus Activities Office, working with volunteers and University Police to make sure that the event runs well and the facilities are secure and for operating the digital video projection system. He or she must be available for training on the projection system. Evening and weekend hours available. Starting Salary is $8.00 per hour.