Degree Audits

The Degree Audit is a tool used by the Registrar’s Office to evaluate the progress that a student is making towards meeting his graduation and program requirements. We are pleased to introduce degree audit on the web to allow students in the College of Medicine to monitor their progress towards meeting their graduation and degree requirements using MyUpstate.

Attached are the Graduation Requirements for Syracuse and Binghamton students in the COM Class of 2013. The requirements vary slightly by campus. Please take a minute to review the requirements. Next generate a degree audit to ensure that you are on target to meet your graduation requirements.

Please note the following items:

  • We cannot program the degree audit to limit the number of credits that you have taken during your MSI & MSII years to only six credits. So, if you have taken more than six credits during your pre-clinical years, all credits will be shown in your total elective credit on the degree audit. Please keep in mind that although you are only allowed six credits towards meeting your graduation requirements, all credits will appear on and be counted in your transcript.
  • You must complete all course work by May 17, 2013 to meet the deadline required for a May 19, 2013 graduation date. If grades are not submitted by faculty by May 17, 2013, we will follow up with faculty to confirm you have completed the coursework.
  • Both Step 2 CS & CK exams must be taken prior to May 17, 2013, and scores posted if possible, to meet eligibility for the May 19, 2013 graduation date.
  • Students who have deficiencies towards meeting their graduation requirements have been notified by the Registrar’s Office or Student Affairs Office in Binghamton. Student progress towards meeting requirements will continue to be monitored through graduation, but remember, it is ultimately your responsibility to monitor and fulfill your graduation requirements.
  • Please be aware that any change to your schedule or schedule for Step 2 CS & CK exam dates may impact your graduation.
  • Questions or Concerns?
    • Syracuse campus students—Contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions.
    • Binghamton campus students—Contact the Student Affairs Office-Binghamton with any questions.

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