IRG Grant Application Information

Application Documents
All documents are in Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat Professional is required for the IRG Application.

The Upstate Cancer Research Institute was awarded the Institutional Research Grant (IRG) from the American Cancer Society (ACS). The goal of this ACS IRG is to give out a number of pilot grants to support junior faculty on basic, clinical, translational, or population-based research related to cancer. Last year we gave out 3 pilot grant awards. I am pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications again for these pilot grants from eligible junior faculty (see the eligibility rules in the attachment). The deadline for the applications is April 16, 2012. Applications will be reviewed by an internal review committee consisting of experts in various areas of cancer research and selected for the award. We hope to give out 3 pilot grant awards for this round of applications.

Applicants must be active members of the Upstate Cancer Research Institute. To join or inquire about the membership of the Upstate Cancer Research Institute, please email Katherine Magnarelli. Non Upstate members may share this with colleagues of their home institutions who may be interested in joining the CRI and submitting an application.

The specific documents required for the application are listed below:

  1. Face page (institutional official's signature is not needed)
  2. Detailed budget for $30,000 (direct cost and one year only, no indirect cost provided by ACS IRG)
  3. Biographical sketch of the applicant including any current or pending grant support
  4. Specific Aims (one page)
  5. Research Plan (6 pages or less) describing the background, novelty and significance, preliminary results (if any), and experimental design of the proposed research project.
  6. References cited in the Research Plan (no page limit)
  7. Letter from the applicant's department chair stating that the applicant meets the ACS eligibility rules for applying for the grant as a junior faculty and the necessary time, lab space, and resources available to the applicant once he/she is chosen to receive the grant to conduct a cancer research project.
  8. Personal statement from the applicant describing his/her long term career interest and goal, the relevance of the proposed research to cancer, and how this ACS IRG pilot grant will help him/her to obtain national competitive grants (NIH, ACS, etc.) in the near future.
  9. Introduction to the revised application (3 pages or less, this applies to only revision of an original application submitted last year but not funded and is not needed if you are submitting a new application for the first time). Please describe the changes and revision made in the current application in response to the reviewers' critiques for the original application last year and attach a copy of the reviewers' critiques with this Introduction to the revised application.

Please note that items 1-6 above follow the standard document format and instruction for the NIH RO3 grant. The NIH RO3 templates for items 1-3 are provided in the attachment. There are no specific forms for items 4-6 and they can be word documents. There are no specific forms for items 7-9. Item 7 (letter from the applicant's department chair) must be in the department's letter head and signed by the chair. Items 8 (applicant's personal statement) and 9 (Introduction to the revised application) can be a word document. The eligibility rules for the applicant and frequently asked questions and answers regarding the ACS IRG application are attached.

Please note that this round of application and funding is open to all members of the Upstate Cancer Research Institute including those members at other universities within the State of New York. If you apply from outside of Upstate Medical University, prior to the submission of your application please contact the grant office of your home institution to make sure that, if your proposal is selected, the grant award can be received and managed at your home institution according to ACS policies and guidelines for the IRG. Also note that ACS does not provide any indirect cost to the IRG and that no indirect cost is given to any pilot grant award to either Upstate Medical University or another institution described above.

The grant application containing the above items 1-9 in order should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file to Katherine Magnarelli, plus the original letter from the applicant's department chair (item 7), before April 16, 2012.

Please contact Katherine Magnarelli (Telephone: 315 464-7949) or the university grant office (Barbara Humphrey, or Jennifer Rudes) if there is question regarding the application materials or format.