Cancer is the number one killer that affects many patients and families in Central New York and the world. We still lack of effective medicine and detection to fight this serious human disease. The tremendous advances in the research of cancer, particularly in the studies of the genetics, biology, structural biology, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical discovery of cancer, have offered new hope for more effective cures, diagnostics and prevention methods. As a major public academic medical research center in Central New York and part of State University of New York (SUNY), Upstate Medical University has many researchers and clinicians working together to find and develop new cancer medicine.

SUNY Upstate Cancer Research Institute was established in 2009 with the strong and broad support of the leadership, faculty, scientists and clinicians at Upstate. With about 100 faculty members from many basic science and clinical departments and hospitals of Upstate Medical University and other institutions in New York, SUNY Upstate Cancer Research Institute is a large and comprehensive research organization that conducts basic, clinical and translational research on cancer with the mission of becoming a premier cancer institute in Central New York and the world in discovering new cancer therapies and delivering them to cancer patients. With its administrative headquarter and many research laboratories and state of the art facilities located in the historic Weiskotten Hall of the Upstate campus, SUNY Upstate Cancer Research Institute is a center for innovative cancer research and clinical application in Central New York.

Innovation, application, and collaboration are the three most important characteristics of the people and work of SUNY Upstate Cancer Research Institute. The innovation of our scientists working in five transdisciplinary research areas of cancer (cancer biology, viral oncology, structural and chemical biology, stem cells, and drug discovery and translational research) is yielding new knowledge and discoveries about how cancer works and how we can better detect, treat and prevent it. We are committed to translating these new knowledge and discoveries to clinical applications that benefit cancer patients and products that help advance biotechnology industry.

Finally, we are doing all of these through collaboration. We collaborate with other campuses of SUNY and other universities in the region and the world. We collaborate with the city, state and federal governments and many people in our local community to work towards our mission in finding new cures for cancer.

We welcome your interest in exploring this website to learn more about our cancer institute and invite you to consider the opportunity of joining or collaborating with us.

SUNY Upstate Cancer Research Institute
SUNY Upstate Medical University
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Phone: 315 464-9863