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Counseling and Tutoring

The MCP course is geared to the student who has a solid foundation in general biology and in general and organic chemistry. Some students have weaker backgrounds and will, as a consequence, experience difficulty in mastering the material in MCP. Additional help to anyone who needs it is available..

One-on-one with instructors. All lecturers, Conference leaders, and organizers of Clinical Problems sessions are available for consultation concerning material they have presented.
Review sessions. Lecturers and organizers of CP and Conference topics will hold optional review sessions during the term and shortly before examinations.
Supplemental arrangements. Early in the term, the course coordinators will try to identify students who may need extra help based on performance on exams. In addition, students are encouraged to request extra help if they do not feel comfortable with the information provided in the lectures. The student's Advisory Dean is also a valuable resource.

Some students identified as needing extra help will be invited to participate in supplemental small-group tutorial sessions managed by the Office of Student Affairs. In the past, counseling and supplemental tutorials have proven effective when begun early in the course, so it is important for a student to recognize a problem and seek help in a timely fashion.



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