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Upstate Medical university Molecular & Cellular Principles


Welcome to MCP!

Molecular and Cellular Principles of Medicine (MCP) is one of the first courses offered for first year medical students.  This course encompasses a broad range of topics including biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, immunology and nutrition, and lays necessary groundwork for the understanding of modern medicine.  MCP begins in August and runs throughout the year so that the fundamentals learned in this course can be coordinated with related topics in other first year. In addition, by revisiting the course at different points during the year, students have a chance to refresh their memories and build on the information learned in earlier sessions. 


 The majority of material in MCP will be presented in standard lectures, but MCP is the only first year basic science course to also offer small group experiences.  In the Clinical Problem sessions, students will be able to apply the basic science learned in lecture to real life medical situations.  The Conferences provide an opportunity for students to read in depth on an important topic in medicine and then present their findings for group discussion.