SACON Meeting, September 1, 2010 at College of Nursing

SACON Committee members present

  • Elijah Dut-co-president
  • Nisha Andrews- co-president
  • Valerie Khan- vice president
  • Colleen Drenckhahn- Activities Chairperson
  • Kathleen McDonnell- Organizing secretary
  • Colleen Curtiss Bud- General Secretary
  • Shelly Peters- Treasurer
  • Charmaine Clarke-Davis – Vice Activity Chairperson
  • Maria Wheelock- Faculty Advisor

Other SACON members in attendance

  • Lara Ogundiran
  • Yingzi Wang
  • Joy Ezomo
  • Asma Mohammed
  • Shannon Cavedine

Meeting opened with a review of last SACON meeting by co-president, Elijah Dut:

  • SACON to be involved in new student orientation program, to provide incoming
    CON students with information about the Upstate Community
    • Elijah Dut participated in this years new student orientation
  • Continued need for SACON involvement with NYSNA and other professional organizations.
  • SACON Happy Hour Mixer: Originally scheduled for September 9, 2010, time was yet to be determined. Agreement to change date of event to later time, in order to encourage more members to attend.
    • Potential dates suggested: 9/16/2010, 9/23/2010, and 9/30/2010.
    • Possible locations suggested for the event: Fagan’s, Dolce Vida, Phoebes’, and Bull and Bear.
    • The purpose of the Mixer is to gather members of SACON in a relaxing environment. There will be a Happy Hour, with food served.
    • Last year, they expected and budgeted for 20-30 people, however, the turnout was poor (6 people were present). Last years budget was $250 for food. We are still waiting on this year’s budget to see how much can be allotted to funding the Mixer.
  • Colleen Drenckhahn will begin the process of finding a location for the Mixer. Also, she will send out an email, to gauge how many students are interested in participating. She will get price information from the various suggested locations, but will wait to get the budget information.

Meeting Times

The regular meeting time for SACON will be changed to the first Wednesday of every month.

  • The next SACON meeting will take place on 10/06/2010.
  • The time will remain the same, 2:00pm.


How to appeal for new members, especially new students?

  • Appear in classrooms- Suggested that members of the SACON committee visit the classes of undergraduate, first-semester students.
    • Explain automatic membership in SACON as a CON student.
    • Use this opportunity to encourage relationships with first and second year students.
    • Provide information for new students on how the CON works.
    • Treat as a mentorship.
  • Providing food at SACON meetings- Suggested that providing food at the monthly SACON meetings would be an added incentive for members to come to the meetings.
  • Facebook SACON page - There is already a Facebook page in existence; however it needs to be updated. Nisha Andrews will contact Sarah Hagan Needham and Melissa Reynolds for the password and administrator
    • The value of Facebook as a networking tool was also discussed.
    • Valarie Khan volunteered to create information pages on Facebook regarding SACON information and events.
    • It was suggested that Sanju Johri be asked to add a Facebook page link to either the CON website or the SACON webpage.
  • SACON Blackboard site- It was discussed that the SACON Blackboard site needs to be updated, as a means of communication among members.
    • It was noted that we will need to ask Sanju Johri to update the Blackboard page from BB 6 to BB 9.1.
    • This account would be used to send emails, reminders, and updated information.
  • Classroom visits- Maria Wheelock commented that she is teaching an Undergraduate Health Assessment class, every other Wednesday, from 9am to 1pm, in Setnor 2507; the next class is 9/15/2010.
    • She noted that the majority of the students are new RN-MSN students. She welcomed anyone to come, and talk to the students about SACON. She did request that we contact her before we
  • SACON Committee contact information- Valarie Khan suggested that we create a small information sheet that contained the names of SACON committee members, and contact information.
    • These sheets could be given out to students, when we visit classes.
    • Valarie volunteered to put the sheets together.
  • Graduate students- It was discussed that there we need to do more to get the Graduate/Post graduate students involved in SACON. Nisha Andrews agreed make an announcement in her classes. Elijah Dut commented that
    it would be good if we could get at least one representative from each of the sections (CNS, FNP, PNP, Mental Health NP, RNFA) to participate.
  • Other involvement- Maria Wheelock suggested that we get additional people involved by forming various committee groups. Even if students are not able to attend the meetings, they can still be involved with various committees and projects.
  • Valarie Khan suggested that we send an email to all CON students, following each meeting, with a brief outline of the meeting.
    • Maria Wheelock suggested that we contact Kim Branagan on how we can contact all students to inform them of SACON meeting information, events, and to encourage involvement.
    • It was also noted that it may be possible to contact all students through the Blackboard account.


  • T-shirts: The suggestion was made that we sell t-shirts for SACON, as a fundraiser. It was suggested that the fundraiser be done in October. Maria Wheelock noted that ‘logo wear’ is not necessarily a great fundraiser, it is a good “spirit builder,” and it promotes CON pride.
    • There was a price list presented: t-shirts were $5.99, hoodies were $19.99, full zip sweatshirts $27.99. Additionally, it appeared that you needed to order at least 72 items or more to receive this discount pricing.
    • Various logo ideas were suggested by Maria Wheelock. Valerie Khan volunteered to draw a logo.
    • It was suggested that once we are ready to order the t-shirts that order forms be taken to classes so that students can order in advance. The design would also be presented to the students.
    • Colleen Bud commented that she knew of a private screen printing company that we might be able to work with. She will look into this contact. (
  • Annual Gala- In the past, SACON students have worked the coat check, as a fundraiser. Nisha Andrews noted that SACON had been invited to return this year. Last years profit was $200. We need to look into the date for this event.
  • 50/50 Raffle or Basket Raffle- It was suggested that raffle tickets be sold in classes.
  • Parking lot fundraiser- Nisha Andrews mentioned that the USG does a drawing for which groups can facilitate parking during SU games. The proceeds from the parking go to the facilitating Student Association.


USG meeting- The first USG meeting will be held this evening, at 6:00 pm, in the CAB. It was explained that at least one SACON member needs to be present at the meeting, so that the annual budget funds can be released.

  • Elijah Dut has agreed to go to the USG meeting tonight, and obtain the budget sheet. He will email the committee members regarding the USG meeting information, as well as the budget details.
  • Elijah Dut noted that he had spoken with Chuck Simpson, who had expressed a concern to Elijah that SACON member do not present at USG meetings.
  • There will be USG meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 6pm, in the CAB.

Community/Educational Activities:

Last year, SACON participated in a Cancer Walk, Blanket/Canned Food Drive, Vera House Fundraiser, and donated money to Haiti.
Suggestions for this year included: Participating in local organizations, such as Vera House, and the Rescue Mission. It was suggested that we could do a canned food drive before Thanksgiving. Shelly Peters suggested getting involved with the Christmas Bureau at the On Center (late October/early November).

AOB (Any other Business):

Book swap- Elijah Dut commented that the book swap has not been effective in the past. He suggested that we use the funds from the t-shirt sales to purchase textbook (20 textbooks). These textbooks could then be rented next semester to students. The proceeds from the rentals could then be used to purchase additional textbooks, in an attempt to develop a SACON library.

  • Several concerns were raised about the idea: textbook requirements change frequently, the campus bookstore has a contract with Borders Book, and no location for a library or to store the texts. Additionally, it was presented that it is important that some textbooks be bought by the student, and retained as a future reference.
  • It was decided that no future endeavors would be made regarding the SACON library.

Ideas regarding book swap- Other ideas on how to distribute books were presented.

Help facilitate book swap for students

  • We would need to select a date and location where students could exchange, buy, sell, or donate textbooks.
  • It was suggested the SACON Facebook and/or Blackboard page be used as a means for students to advertise what textbooks they had, and were interested in passing along.
  • It was also suggested that we encourage students to make up fliers with available books, and contact information for the owner.

Suggestions/Review of Meeting

  • Colleen Bud will look into the private printing company for prices on T-shirts.
    • It was suggested that she find out about tote bags, pens, cups, and other items, as well.
  • Colleen Drenckhahn will start gathering information regarding the Mixer.
    • Nisha can also contact Mark at Bull and Bear Pub.
  • Community fundraiser/volunteer opportunity:
    • One community fundraiser is required, per academic year.
    • It was agreed that we should try to do some form of a Team fundraiser.
    • Nisha Andrews agreed to gather more information on upcoming fundraiser dates.
    • Several suggestions regarding a community fundraiser were made, including:
      • Cancer Walk
      • Paddle for a Cure
      • Golf for Hope
      • Go Red Campaign
      • Canned Food Drive
      • Blanket Drive
      • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Valarie Khan will make up SACON information sheets.
  • Nisha Andrews will announce in Graduate classes that SACON is looking for more member involvement.
  • Maria Wheelock is going to discuss the importance of having a CON specific orientation, with the other faculty members.
  • Valarie Khan suggested having a Blackboard open house session for students new to the program. She suggested that it be included within the orientation program.
    Maria Wheelock will email Julie White, Dean of Student Affairs, regarding this suggestion.

1504 Meeting adjourned.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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