SACON Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2011

SACON Committee Members Present

  • Gracia Roulan- 2011-2012 Incoming President
  • Laura Osika-Michales- Activities Chairperson
  • Colleen Bud- General Secretary

Other SACON Members in Attendance

  • Shannon Cavedine
  • Carlos Sanchez

CON Faculty in Attendance:

  • Patty Powers- SACON Faculty Advisor

Meeting opened at 1704 by Gracia Roulan.

May 2011 meeting minutes reviewed by Colleen Bud.

Curriculum Committee and Faculty Meeting

  • The next Curriculum Meeting on June 10th will be held for faculty only.
  • Focus Group Meeting will be held on June 15th at 4 pm in CON Room 301—RSVP Melanie Kalman or Carol Gavan.
  • Next Faculty Meeting is scheduled for June 17th at 9:30.

Activities of Interest to Nursing Students

A. NPA Teaching Day

  • Presented by the Syracuse Chapter of the Nurse Practitioner’s Association (NPA) on June 3rd from 8-3:30 pm at the Syracuse Sheraton Hotel.

B. Advancing Health in Rural America: Maximizing Nursing’s Impact

  • The live forum webinar will be presented by the AARP, in collaboration with the Roberts Wood Johnson Association on June 13th from 9-11:30 am in Washington D.C.

C. CON New Student Orientation

  • To be held on Thursday, June 2nd from 11-2 pm and Friday, June 3rd from 1-4 pm.
  •  SACON will have an information table set up in the kitchen area on the 3rd floor of CON building while incoming nursing students are pre-registering for classes.
  • Additionally, Colleen Bud and Laura Osika-Michales will serve as Orientation Advisors for CON students by providing students with campus tours and attending orientation programs with incoming students.

D. SACON Student Reporting of Events

  • Shannon Cavedine will report on the ANA’s “Lead Where You Stand” webinar held on May 10th at the next SACON meeting.
  • Shannon Cavedine, Katie McDonnell, and Gracia Roulan attended the most recent faculty meeting (5/7/11) where Dean Szigeti discussed the expansion of the nursing program and the future addition of a simulation lab.

Brainstorming Ideas to Improve Classes


  • Joseph Burczynski, PharmD, has been suggested as a potential lead professor of the CON Pharmacology class as he focused on pharmacotherapy.  Additionally, he recognized student needs and catered his teaching style to our level of pharmacology knowledge.
    • Need to utilize the ideals of Benner’s Novice to Expert learning theory.
  • CON students expressed that they would like one professor for the class.


  • Gracia recommended changing the class to an on campus course.
  • Doreen Rogers has taught Pathophysiology at the associate’s level and she is currently working on her PhD. 
    • Rogers has stated she would be willing to consider teaching the course if offered the opportunity.
    • Reported to be a very effective teacher.


  • Positive change to be expected for the fall 2011 semesteràThe large class will be divided into two sections as requested by FNP students.
    • 1 FNP coordinator/lead instructor for each section who would then manage subsequent FNP II and FNP III classes.
  • Clinical placement:
    • Initiate discussions early in order to encourage students to establish clinical placement early.  Discussions to take place at orientation, within Advanced Health Assessment classes, and via email to Advanced Health Assessment students.
    • Furthermore, it was suggested that the CON could hire a part-time employee to assist NP students with clinical placement and establishing contracts.

Student Academic Dishonesty Issues

  • Within the past semester there have been reports of dishonesty/collaboration in Advanced Research, Pharmacology, and FNP I.  Shannon Cavedine stated that academic dishonesty demoralizes the nursing program, our class, and our profession. 
  • Shannon noted that there is an academic policy regarding student dishonesty
    • Reports of academic dishonesty will be brought before the judicial committee
    • Recent reports need to be handled according to the academic policy, and be brought before the judicial committee.
  • Patti Powers reported it is difficult to manage online quizzes and cheating among students.  Uncertain if testing procedures will remain the same, such as sitting alphabetically, two forms of the tests, and placing all belongings in the front of the room.
  • Patti also reported that Bambi Carkey and Carol Anne Kozik have discussed the development of a remedial session regarding professionalism in response.
  • Gracia Roulan verbalized that FNP tests are formulated from a review book written by Dunphy.

Planning for the 2011-2012 Year

2012 Commencement Ceremony:

  • Think about speaker suggestions for the 2012 CON commencement ceremony.  Mimi Secor provided an enthusiastic commencement speech at this year’s ceremony. 
  • Suggestions made to change location of the commencement ceremony due to the lack of space for family and guests of our larger graduating classes.
    • Aim for the OnCenter for 2012 ceremony

Event Recommendations:

  • NYS Fair Nurse Practitioner Association (NPA) Booth
    • The NPA is asking for participants to help at the NYS Fair from August 25th through September 5th during 4 hour time slots of which 72 time slots need to be filled for the exhibit. 
    • Colleen Bud will forward the email she received to the members present.
  • Shannon Cavedine suggested volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul Daycare for children 6 months to 5 years and 6 years to 12 years—possibly hold a wellness fair for children 1-2x this summer. 

Encouraging Student Involvement:

  • Carlos Sanchez recommended that SACON committee members come into classrooms to inform students of SACON’s mission and encourage involvement.

Culminating Project

  • Patty Powers stated that she will post information regarding the culminating project to Blackboard 9 within the next 2 weeks. 
  • Patty is working to assign faculty members to students who will serve as an advisor for the project.  Therefore, questions regarding the project could be directed to their assigned faculty advisor. 
  • Patty stated she would hold an information session for students in the FNP program, where she could discuss specific information and poster development.  Additionally, Patti stated that she could offer an information session to students in Advanced Health Assessment in order to provide students with information well in advance.
  • Suggested that former student could provide a presentation of their project—perhaps Christine Herb and her project investigating the effects of honey on wound healing. 

Next SACON Meeting

Wednesday, July 20th  at 5 pm in the Upstate Library

1752 Meeting adjourned.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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