SACON Meeting Minutes, May 2, 2011

SACON Committee Members Present

  • Gracia Roulan- 2011-2012 Incoming President
  • Laura Osika-Michales- 2011-2012 Activities Chairperson
  • Colleen Bud- General Secretary
  • Kathleen McDonnell- Organizing Secretary

Other SACON Members in Attendance

  • Shannon Cavedine

CON Faculty in Attendance

  • Maria Wheelock- SACON Faculty Advisor

Meeting opened at 1805 by Gracia Roulan.

April 2011 meeting minutes reviewed by Kathleen McDonnell
Next CON faculty meeting - 5/7/11 at 9:00am
Next CON curriculum meeting - 5/13/11 at 1:30pm


  • Awarded to a student who has been most involved in SACON within the past year.
    • Per Maria, there is a small monetary award included.
  • Previously, the award has been given to the SACON president, or a graduating member of the committee.
  • Previously, the faculty advisor has chosen the recipient of the award, however, due to the increased activity and participation this year, Maria suggested that the committee select the award recipient.
  • Suggestion was made that two SACON awards be given this year, as there has been increased participation.
  • Maria will verify at the faculty meeting if more than one award can be given.
  • Gracia Roulan will email SACON committee with suggestions of nominees for the award.
  • Nominee needs to be selected and submitted to Maria no later than 5/10/2011. Maria will contact Gracia Roulan if the nominee is needed sooner than this date.
  • Nominees for the SACON Award:
    • Colleen Drenckhahn
    • Shelly Peters
    • Elijah Dut

Student Dishonesty

  • Maria reported that dishonesty issues are being discussed and addressed by CON faculty.
  • New policies being implemented (test procedures, etc.) will not be changing.
  • Maria reported that several students have informed professors that they have collaborated on various assignments or exams.
  • Some professors believe part of the issue is the cultural beliefs of students, who don’t view collaboration as dishonest.
  • Maria reported that the issue has led to a decrease in the use of online quizzes, as a way to prevent student collaboration.
  • Shannon noted that there is an academic policy regarding student dishonesty
    • Reports of academic dishonesty will be brought before the judicial committee
    • Recent reports need to be handled according to the academic policy, and be brought before the judicial committee.
    • Within the past semester there have been reports of dishonesty/collaboration in Advanced Research, Pharmacology, and FNPI.

Activities of Interest to Nursing Students

  • “Lead Where You Stand” webinar
    • Being held Tuesday, May 10th at 1 pm
    • Offered by the American Nurses Association
    • Access to the webinar is free for members of the ANA, $30 for non-members
    • Nurses need to advocate
  • Special meeting for NP students
    • Tuesday, May 10th at 5:30pm at Twin Trees Too
    • Offered by the Syracuse Chapter of the Nurse Practitioner’s Association
    • Need to RSVP  to
    • Membership to the Nurse Practitioner’s Association is about $55 as a student.
  • CON new student orientation
    • Being held on Thursday, June 2nd and Friday, June 3rd.
    • Dean Szigeti has suggested that SACON have a table during orientation
    • Gracia Roulan suggested that SACON request that there be a discussion of ethics concerns at the orientation
  • End of the Semester Bash
    • Was held on April 29th at 6pm in the CAB
    • During the event, Laura Osika-Michales was told that the ice cream freezer in the CAB lobby was for the SACON event
    • Ice cream freezer was locked, however, a CABG student employee had the freezer opened, and then informed Laura that the ice cream was available.
    • Laura was contacted today by Chuck Simpson- questioning why the ice cream had been eaten by participants of the SACON event.
    • Chuck Simpson also informed Laura that the lock on the freezer had been cut, and that there is a now a police investigation going on.
  • COPE (Community Outreach and Prevention Education) Meeting
    • Hosted by medical students
    • Shannon Cavedine reported that she attended a presentation by the group
    • The group presented a model that could be followed by other students
      • Groups of five students went into various settings
      • Target sites
        • Salvation Army
        • Booth House
      • One group worked with young children
        • 1 hour each Friday
        • Health lessons (hand washing, cover cough education) paired with activities (word search)
      • Booth House group
        • Homeless Youth Home  for youth aged 15-18 years
        • Past attempts to reach the youth was not effective; this time a much more casual approach was taken.
        • Icebreaker- youth were asked to share their favorite curse word
          • Effectively broke down barriers and allowed students to begin to form relationships with the youth
        • Each week a health lesson was presented and all questions were answered.
        • New foods were brought to the youth center for the youth to try (ie. Sushi
          • Provided enriching opportunity for youth
    • Shannon presented the suggestion that Nursing students/SACON participate in a similar program
      • Shannon has contacted Salvation Army and is looking into several other underserved populations in the area for nursing students to work with
      • Suggested that groups of 3-5 students be developed, ~2 hr. time commitment from participating students.

SACON Committee Positions

  • USG Representative
    • Gracia made the suggestion to make it mandatory that USG Representatives attend a certain number of USG meetings each semester
    • Suggestion made that five USG Representatives be named to ensure that a representative is present at each meeting
  • Committee members
    • Suggestion made that all SACON Committee members be required to attend the majority of meetings each semester.
    • Important that committee members show commitment, as well as display professionalism and promote the organization.

Curriculum Concerns

  • Focus groups
    • Meega Wells has requested that students identify two different times at which focus groups could be held to give students the opportunity to work with the professors to develop courses.
    • Gracia will email CON students to get suggestions for  focus group meeting times.
  • Suggestions to bring to the faculty:
  • Pathophysiology
    • Gracia recommended to change class to an on campus course.
    • Doreen Rogers- has taught Pathophysiology at the associates level.
      • Has stated she would be willing to consider teaching the course if offered the opportunity.
      • Reported to be a very effective teacher.
  • Pharmacology
    • Need a professor who is more engaged and involved in the course
    • Need more consistency in the course- decrease the number of different lecturers
    • Fewer quizzes
  • FNP
    • Margie Wade inquired if students are interested in having two sections for the FNP II class.
    • The recommendation has been made that there be an FNP coordinator who can provide consistency throughout the program.
    • FNP coordinator could also provide additional assistance with clinical placement.

Next SACON Meeting

Wednesday, June 1st at 5 pm
Location - Upstate Library

1945 Meeting adjourned.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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