SACON Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2011

SACON Committee Members Present

  • Elijah Dut- Co-President
  • Gracia Roulan- 2011-2012 Incoming President
  • Shelly Peters- Treasurer
  • Laura Osika-Michales- 2011-2012 Activities Chairperson
  • Kathleen McDonnell- Organizing Secretary
  • Colleen Bud- General Secretary

Other SACON Members in Attendance

  • Joy Ezomo-USG Representative
  • Jennifer Hughes
  • Nicole Levy
  • Shannon Cavedine
  • Alex Nicholson
  • Lisa Isabell
  • Evelyn King

CON Faculty in Attendance

  • Meega Wells

Meeting opened at 1514 by Elijah Dut, introductions of SACON committee members and  attendees.

March 2011 meeting minutes reviewed by Elijah Dut

2011-2012 Elections

  • USG Election - Need to appoint a USG Vice President

Budget Report

Reviewed by Shelly Peters, Treasurer

  • CON Account #7225 = $987
    • Note: Will not rollover into 2011-2012 budget year.
    • Note: $275 base budget provided by USG based on student enrollment to be used on activities for the student body.
  • SACON Account #7260 as of 2/7/11 = $1123
    • Note: Money raised from fundraisers can be rolled over.
  • 2011-2012 Budget completed and submitted.
    • Shelly Peters provided budget information to Grace Roulan, Eva Pecor, and current secretaries, which included:
      • Sample format provided by USG.


  • Upstate Gala Coat Check-
    • Anticipate participation in this profitable fundraiser in December 2011.  Shelly Peters has contact information for this event.
  • Parking Lot Fundraiser (for SU games)-
    • Continue to have CON USG representatives present at USG meetings in order to be awarded with holding this profitable fundraiser.
  • T-shirt Fundraiser- 
    • Students able to order items online at
      • Items conveniently delivered to your home, credit cards and PayPal accepted, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
      • 100% of proceeds go to the CON.
    •  $250 budget approved by SACON committee to order various items to be displayed at the CON 50th Anniversary Celebration. 
      • $158.94 worth of items purchased.
      • $70 profit from items sold at 50th Anniversary CON Celebration, remaining items to be sold in classrooms and CON events.

Community Activities

  • 50th Anniversary CON Celebrationà Saturday, March 26, 2011
    • Katie McDonnell and Colleen Bud created a photo collage of CON students to display at the event.
    • SACON displayed and sold various items with the approved CON design prior to the Cocktail Dinner as part of the T-shirt fundraiser.
      • Also referred patrons to website to order fundraiser items by giving out business cards with fundraiser information.
  • Completed Canned Food Drive sponsored by the CON and Team UpstateàMarch 7-18
  • Food donated to the Food Bank of CNY
  • Heart Walk/Run on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at Long Branch Park in Liverpool.
    • Run begins @ 8AM; Walk @ 10:15AM.
    • Nicole Levy—SACON Team Leader.
    • Team member sign-up is completed online.
    • Donations accepted online.

SACON Activity Ideas

  • According to Shannon Cavedine, we need to have attendance from the students, activities need to be purposeful, and socialization among students will therefore occur.
  • CON End of the Semester Bash on Friday, April 29, 2011
    • Proposed to be held in a CAB conference room.
    • Laura Osika-Michales to contact Shaunna Escobar to place event on calendar, email students and place event announcement on Bb through Sanju Johri.  Laura will also look into cost of catering.
    • Shelly Peters suggested having a performer/musician or educational speaker at event.
    • Alex Nicolson suggested that invitation to event is extended to incoming students.
    • Meega Wells suggested that all students should be invited to event.
    • Shelly Peters suggested that Dean Szgeti should be emailed to get approval for event.

Curriculum Concerns

  • Grace Roulan discussed concerns  with Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and FNP I curriculums as expressed by many CON students.
    • Grace attended the last Faculty Meeting and Curriculum Meeting to gather information and voice concerns to change curriculum for these classes.
    • Melanie Kalman suggested that SACON organize a focus group.
  • Pharmacology
    • Laura Osika-Michales and Nicole Levy stated that the class needs to be spread out, not a semester long.
    • Lead professor is not as engaged as students would like him to be and is only present during the first 20 minutes of each class.
    • Grace Roulan mentioned that the class needs to be catered to pharmacotherapy for CON students.
    • Grace also mentioned that a petition could be passed around the class to gather mass support for curriculum changes.
      • Grace to contact Dean Szegti about pursuing initiation of the petition.
    • Grace email student body to encourage students to provide thoughtful feedback on course surveys for this class.
  • Pathophysiology
    • Alex Nicholson stated it is not as effective to hold class online.
    • Meega stated that the online class offered by the University of Kentucky Pathophysiology class is a temporary resolution for the CON curriculum.  She expressed that Dean Szgeti has stated that the professor for this class needs to be very knowledgeable for this difficult subject matter.
  • FNP I
    • Meega Wells stated that faculty are discussing that there is a need to have 2 sections for FNP students to create smaller class sizes.
      • Faculty would be designated to their class, but material would remain the same.

Next SACON Meeting

  • Monday, May 2, 2011 at 6 p.m.
  • Location Upstate Library

1620 Meeting adjourned.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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