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SACON Meeting, April 10, 2002 at 3:00 PM, 103 Weiskotten Hall

Submitted by Tish McNally , Co-President SACON.

The Spring Sacon Meeting was called to order. Becky Dockstater, Tish McNally, and Meega Wells presiding. The meeting was well attended by students and faculty.

  • Becky, Tish and Shelly Clark thanked SACON for contributing to their registration fees for the NYSNA Legislative Workshop in Albany, NY, March 10 & 11, 2002. They gave an overview of their experiences and important proposed nursing legislation before the Assembly and Senate.
  • The meeting was opened to the student/ faculty forum. Students posed questions to the faculty and made some valuable suggestions. The faculty made clear that ideas pertaining to the course content of Psych/soc nursing, Policy and Politics, and other current courses garnered from a recent course eval survey were being closely reviewed and considered. A suggestion was raised regarding inclusion of Pharmacology at the BSN level. The required clinical hours for community nursing were questioned. More formal inclusion of APA format was suggested. Discussion of online course offering, specificly Bio-Statistics, took place. Dr. Szigeti and Susan Bastable were receptive and helpful.
  • SACON will be represented at the incoming student orientation on June 12th, 2002. The aim is to have SACON serve in a mentorship role for new undergrads and grads to ease the introduction into our BS and MS programs and familiarize new students with the campus, services and CON. Requests for volunteers to attend a SACON welcome table will be made by Becky and Tish. Anyone interested in helping may contact Tish at or (585)554-3022.
  • Budget for SACON 2002-2003 will be submitted soon. There are tenative plans for a Spring 2003 SACON sponsored conference, SACON scholarship, December Graduate Recognition, Community Action Project, possible contribution for those interested in attending the NYSNA legislative workshop.
  • A suggestion was adopted that textbooks available for sale or loan can be posted on the SACON announcement page. Please feel free to enter announcements and pass the word that this service is now available.
  • Representatives to attend the Undergrad Student Council meetings every other Wednesday at 5:30p are being sought. If you can help with obligation to the student council, please contact Tish McNally or Becky Dockstater or Meega Wells .
  • Sacon will be available at the August, 2002 CON orientation also.
Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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