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SACON Meeting, Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 2:00 pm, Weiskotten Hall, Room 3113

Meeting called to order by Claire DePartout
Total attendance: 23
Welcome and introduction of new president Claire DePartout by faculty adviser Meega Wells.

Old Business

  • T shirt/sweatshirt sale- Do we want to order again? The consensus was yes. Need to talk to Becky and post order sheets. Also still items to be picked up from CON. Please do so ASAP.
  • Grad reception in Dec great response and very enjoyable per Donna Ferris.
  • Food Drive went very well and was delivered by Kerry Ahern.
  • Accreditation coming up- Dr. Szigeti was present and spoke about the CCNE coming on Feb. 11 to visit the CON. We need volunteers from undergrad and grad programs to be avail. for brief question and answer meeting 2/11 from 3:15-4:15. I anyone can help out, please call Nancy Lyon.
  • Book Exchange- Is it used? Donna Ferris brought up the point that many people do not use this and we need to advertise the book exchange more. Used text books are avail. to borrow outside conference room at CON in a box. Please donate old books and feel free to borrow books for the semester and return when finished.
  • APA- Booklet is being worked on by Ellie Caltabiano and Melanie Kalman that will provide a concise guide to APA. Should be avail. this semester. The consensus about the APA 5th edition book it that it is very difficult to use.

New Business

  • NYSNA Legislative Workshop on March 7-8. Last year SACON was able to donate $$. Is it possible this year? We need to talk to Deb Kirsch per Meega.
  • Student Council: Still need a treasure. Todd Olrich should some interest. We also need representatives from the CON to be on other committees, such as Grad. Student Council, that meets very infrequently. If interested see Claire.

Next meeting will be announced soon.
Motion was made to adjourn by Claire DePartout at 1500 and was seconded by Donna Ferris.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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