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SACON Student/Faculty Forum, October 20, 2003 at 11:35 am, CON Rm. 301

Forum conducted by Tish McNally
Welcome remarks to 11 faculty and staff, 5 students


  • Tish McNally will step down from co-president post effective December 18, 2003
  • Claire DePartout has accepted appointment to the co-president position immediately thereafter.
  • Claire will also reside on the SUNY Upstate Judiciary Committee
  • Cynthia French will reside on the SUNY Upstate Student Health Committee
  • Kerry Ahern and Tish will attend the SUNY Upstate Commencement Committee meeting on 10/22/03 as will Dr. Szigetti
  • Kerry, Claire, Cynthia, Tish, and Becky Dockstater will share GSC Rep responsibilities for SACON (biweekly meetings at 6:00 pm CAB) Volunteers for GSC Rep are welcome to contact any SACON officer for info.
  • December Grad Reception date & time, Thursday, 12/11/03, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm has been confirmed. Weiskotten 9th floor cafeteria. Invitations to entire student body and faculty will be sent after Thanksgiving Break. RSVP will be required.

Forum Discussion: Introduced by Tish McNally

  1. APA Format: Many students new to the college have voiced uncertainty and confusion over using the APA writing format. Veiws and insights were voiced by students and faculty alike.

    Decision was made by concensus to have SACON collaborate with faculty on a committee to devise a workshop or seminar approach that would offer APA instruction to any interested nursing student at the beginning of semesters.

    Since this decision, Tish has contacted Melanie Kalman and Ellie Caltabiano, CON and English faculty respectively, both of whom have agreed to meet with the committee and take part in this effort to make APA better understood and used by CON students.

  2. Self Study Efforts: Carol Gavan (faculty) introduced new information regarding the Self Study efforts of CON faculty preparing for AACN accreditation being sought by SUNY Upstate CON.
    Carol reports that all parameters required are in good order except verifying the area of Student Governance/Involvement.
    We discussed increasing student participation in SACON and the CON in general.

    Many suggestions were proposed.
      • Vary the meeting times and days of the week for SACON meetings (in progress at this time)
      • Continue efforts to advertise SACON meetings and related events via Student Announcement Calendar on CON webpage, faculty announcements before all classes 1 week prior to event, word of mouth student to student to check web announcements and mailboxes.
      • Handpick students that may show interest to sit on committees, assume student office positions when openings are anticipated.
      • Participate in Student Activity Fair August 2004.

  3. College of Nursing physically isolated from main SUNY Upstate Campus:
      • This issue has been raised as a significant obstacle for nursing students desiring more interaction with one another and with students in other health disciplines.
      • Holding classes in IHP, more CON classes in one building, placing the CON nearer "the Hill", online courses, video taped classes, were all mentioned. This ongoing concern will continue to be monitored.

  4. Pre-Registration advisement/counseling: Dean Szigeti voiced concern that many students have not responded to notices by email to arrange an apptointment with their advisor prior to registration for the Spring 2004 semester. Dr. Bastable concurred. This is particularly important this year as a new system of online registration has been instituted requiring PIN numbers that can only be obtained from advisors. The discussion included recommendations to send 1st class letters to students homes, GroupWise and home email, a CON handbook, and, again, to check the Announcement Calendar on the CON webpage in the future. Registration is one week from today 10/27/03.

The next SACON meeting will be held Wednesday, November 19th at 3:00 pm-4:30 pm, Weiskotten Hall, rm 5301.

The Forum was concluded at 1:00 pm

These minutes respectfully submitted by Tish McNally, co-president for Meg Stevens, recording secretary.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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