Bachelor of Science Program

Application Period

BS Program
Spring 2019: September 15th-December 15th
Fall 2019: September 15th to June 1st

Semester Begin Dates

  • Fall Semester - late August
  • Spring Semester - early January

The 61 credit hour Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is an upper division, transfer program designed for registered nurses from associate degree and diploma programs of nursing.

Residency Requirement

This program has a residency requirement of 30 credit hours.

About the Program

This degree program is a flexible, upper division program for registered nurses with associates degrees or diplomas in nursing. The courses build on the foundation of AAS education to achieve the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education (AACN, 2008)

Our program focuses on theory and application, provides exposure to many areas of nursing, and serves as a foundation for graduate study. It prepares you to deliver comprehensive care to patients of all ages in a variety of settings as a direct care provider and as a nursing leader.

Most full-time students complete degree requirements in two years. Part-time students taking two or three courses per semester will complete the degree in four or five years. Degree requirements must be completed within 5 years of matriculation.

The baccalaureate program prepares you to care for patients, families and communities in a diverse array of healthcare settings. With the increasingly complex care needed by patients today, it is imperative that nurses be prepared at a higher level. The "Future of Nursing (2011)External Icon report by the Institute of Medicine documents the need for at least 80% of the nursing profession to have the baccalaureate degree by 2020 because better patient outcomes result.

Our curriculum will prepare you to be a leader in a technological, information driven, complex healthcare system.

Take your courses conveniently. Classes are offered hybrid and/or face to face. New schedules are being developed so you will most likely find the schedule that meets your lifestyle. Your faculty advisor will work with you to determine the best program for you.

For information on individual state licensing requirements, please visit the State Licensing Requirements page.