Outstanding Nurse Practitioner Preceptor

Margie Wade, FNP-C

Margie Wade (center) helping students to achieve success!
Margie Wade (center) helping students to achieve success.

Margie Wade, a Family Nurse Practitioner at Family Care Medical Group in Camillus, New York has served as a community preceptor since 1993. She currently serves as a Part time faculty member at the College of Nursing and is highly valued for her knowledge and clinical expertise.

“As a preceptor, I want each and every student to achieve. I find it rewarding to watch them grow, particularly as they begin to diagnose and treat patients. I also appreciate observing the feeling of accomplishment they receive when a patient says, ‘No one ever explained it to me before, now I understand.’ I believe as nurse practitioners, we must set high standards for ourselves and uphold our reputation as excellent health care providers. That is what I try to convey to each student.”

Just a few of the many comments students express...

“...Margie is always willing to teach, to share her knowledge..."
"...She leads by example, even in the small things..."
"...Margie was instrumental in my learning by being open and encouraging, and consistent..."

Many thanks, Margie for your contributions to our community and profession! Preceptors truly are the unsung heroes and heroines of advance practice education (Hildebrandt, 2001).

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN, Dean
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