Transition Meeting/General Meeting, September 15, 2003

In attendance

Present: Pat Knox, Joan Payne, Bonnie Miner, Barb Fero, Sandra Burns, Carol Braund, Carol Gavin, Ginny Cronin, John Beesaw, Jan Cieply, Priscilla Worral

Introduction of new members

Dine-a-Mate Discussion: Omicron Alpha will be selling Dine-a-mates for $25.00 through November

Alzehiemer Walk: Members will be taking part in the Memory Walk held October 18, 2003 at LeMoyne College.

Member Involvement

How to increase attendance?

  • Collaboration: start getting together with other groups, news services, alumni, etc
  • Impact at the College: increase involvement, place picture of inductees on display, attend SACON meeting
  • Mentors for new members: how can we get members together with mentors?
  • Yearly project: pick one each year- contact youth organizations
  • Students; preceptorships. We will be seeking membership support for this. Interested members can contact Pat Knox if they wish to get involved.
  • Change induction date from Saturday to Friday evening, plan to host a Tea before induction
  • Would like to create a database of e-mail addresses of our members to get quick responses to current information or questions. Members contact Pat Knox at with their e-mail addresses if they wish to participate. Check out the website as well for current information


  • Tract at the Nursing Summit in 2005
  • Oasis: April 21st; new inducted member as presenter * possible on going project

Meeting Dates

Discussed days of the weeks and possibility of altering dates. Will keep meetings on Monday until December.

  • October 20
  • November 24
  • December 15th.

Other Dates

Wine and Cheese: October 16 at Dr Szgeti's home
Convention: November1-5 in Toronto

Chapter Key Update

  • Unable to meet the criteria, strong focus on regional and international involvement.
  • Will need to look at the new criteria


  • Reviewed budget
  • Current
  • Check book $9,603.87
  • Savings $12, 195.69
  • Research $2701.49
  • M. Argentine Scholarship $ 140.00

Total: $16, 261.38
Books audited by accountant will be moving 10% of checking into savings


Will pay all costs for delegates: Pat Knox and Priscilla Worral
Other member support: Bonnie Miner, Ginny Cronin, Barb Fero

Installing of new officers by Pat Knox, President
John Beesaw as Vice president
Joan Payne as returning Treasurer

Submitted by Bonnie Miner, MS, RN, Secretary

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
Press Release

The faculty at the College of Nursing will prepare you for a fulfilling career in practice, education and research. We are at the forefront of new ventures in nursing education.