Board Meeting Minutes - April 5, 2011

Date: 04/05/2011
Time: 5:00PM
Place: Golisano Children’s Hospital, 12th Floor, Conference Room 12405

Attendance: Carol Braund, Nancy Lyon, Bonnie Miner, Donna Parks, Roberta Rolland, Peg Ryan, Sha-Wanda White

1. Welcome and Review of Minutes

Minutes from 09/14/10 were reviewed and accepted. Meeting minutes will be posted on the website and facebook.

2. Officer Reports

  • President’s Report –
    1. Regional Leadership – Region 11 first annual conference hosted by Elmira College. The first part of the conference is a leaders meeting and the second part of the conference is open to all members and guests. The first evening involved a meeting with chapter leaders. The group reconvened with a breakfast meeting. Dee Welk, Region 11 coordinator introduced “The Circle,” a networking system for membership. The conference itself began at 10:00 with guest presentations. Next year University of Rochester chapter offered to host the conference March 28th &29th 2012. Details of the conference may be found on “The Circle.” Roberta would like to include funding the president and another board member to attend annual meeting. Donna asked about how much we would budget. Roberta’s expenses included 75.00 early-bird conference fee, 25.00 for dinner meeting, 118.00 for the room, and driving expenses to Elmira..The group discussed a possible budget of 600.00 to send two board members.
    2. Collaborative Report – Roberta spoke of the collaborative event from February. The program went well however there were some difficulties with the event planning. The event cost over 800.00 given there was a 25.00 charge per member. One problem was that 19 students signed up and did not show costing 25.00 per plate. This is a detail to keep in mind with planning future events.
  • Vice President’s Report - Nursing Education in China Presentation – nicely attended, CEUs were not available – need to consider CEUs with all presentations.
  • Treasurer’s Report - Report updated - 2011/2012 budget will be proposed for annual meeting
  • Secretary’s Report - Correspondence to go out – thank you for donations received.

    Robin attended the Leadership summit in Arlington Texas this past weekend. A meeting will be scheduled for Robin to report on the summit. All members are welcome to attend January 15th from 10:00 to noon at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

3. Committee Reports

  • Governance Report – Omicron Alpha bylaws read- no member of the board shall exceed a total of six consecutive years on the board of directors. There was a question as to how this came about in the bylaws since it is not in the STTI template. Peg and Donna were going to try to contact Sandra Burns to see what she knew about the statement. Bonnie shared that there was a discussion at one point and international was considering term limits. A revision may be made once the committee investigates the issue. If we decide as a chapter to have term limits it could be made into a policy
  • Leadership Succession Report - Election update – Sha-Wanda reported the call for nominations went out last week. The Ballot should go out early May for results announced at the annual picnic. Ballots will go out electronically on Survey Monkey and hard copy to active members without internet access or email.
  • Faculty Counselor’s Report - deferred
  • Research Advisory Group - Collaborative Research Event – Save the date: September 15, 2011 to be held at St. Joseph’s Hospital hosted by Omicron Alpha, Omicron, Upsilon Upsilon, and Lemoyne.

Regional Report - Regional conference report included with the president’s report.

Old Business

  1. 41st Biennium October 29th – Nov 2nd Grapevine, Texas – Gaylord Texan
    a. 2011 – 2013 Delegates – Donna Parks, Priscilla Worral
  2. Annual Picnic – Wednesday, June 8th Ryder Park – Dewitt 5:00 - Dinosaur BBQ
  3. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee
    • Members of Omicron, Omicron Alpha, and Lemoyne met to create an outline of what it would look like if all three chapters came together at-large. This would be put together in the form of a proposal that could be presented to membership. At the March 22nd meeting the three groups looked at structure differences and similarities (ie Omicron has co-presidents). The next meeting will look at how we budget and membership. 
    • A task force is needed to help create the outline and develop a proposal. Barb Fero is currently on the task force. Anyone interested to represent Omicron Alpha at these meetings please contact Roberta (
    • There was discussion that there should be successful collaboration before moving ahead with developing a proposal. Roberta felt that it will take into the next year to develop the proposal and event planning could be done simultaneously. Before the proposal is brought before membership successful collaboration will have to be demonstrated.
  4. Communications
    • Website – update in planning process
    • Roberta would like to have computers set up at all Omicron Alpha events.  It is helpful for members to learn how to navigate the STTI website with networking “the circle,” renewing membership, access to continuing education and CEUs, access to the Virginia Henderson Library, and reading  about STTI news.

New Business

  1. Fall Programming - Leadership Series – will likely be a collaborative event
  2. Transition/Strategic Meeting - week following the picnic – to prepare for 2011/2012 fiscal year
  3. Quality Coach Lines held 195.00 initial registration fee to be used in the future if we have an event with Quality Coach Lines – Anyone has ideas for a trip – please contact Roberta (
  4. Alzheimer’s Memory Walk – save the date October 1, 2011 Long Branch Park, Liverpool
  5. Induction – tentative date Friday Nov 4th WSC auditorium. Need to confirm once fall classrooms are assigned
  6. Roberta showed the group how do access “the circle.” Members may access the circle:
  7. Bonnie suggested a mailing to all members to update emails. Nancy said that ballots are mailed to active members that do not have emails. A message is included for them to contact her with an updated email however she only hears from a few. Perhaps there should be a mailing to all because some members do not routinely use the email on our list.

Click to Renew Membership

Please contact STTI headquarters if you need your membership number or have questions (888) 634-7575.

Annual Picnic Meeting, June 8th, Ryder Park, Dewitt 5:00, Dinosaur BBQ

Respectfully Submitted,
Robin Wensel, Secretary
Roberta Rolland – President


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