Board Meeting Minutes -– March 1, 2011

Date: 3/1/2011
Time: 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Place: Golisano Children’s Hospital Conference Room 12405

Attendance: Nancy Lyon, Bonnie Miner, Donna Parks, Roberta Rolland, Robin Wensel, Shawanda White – District 11 coordinator Dee Welk via speaker phone

1. Welcome and Review of Minutes

Minutes from January 15th, 2011 were reviewed and accepted.  Meeting minutes are posted on the OA website and facebook.

2. Officer Reports

  • President’s Report – included with regional update and Syracuse collaborative report.
  • Vice President’s Report – VP excused for meeting, deferred
  • Treasurer’s Report – Bonnie Minor reported from the printed treasurer’s report.  All reviewed funds in each account and reviewed expenses. 
    • February 15th event cost was $1499.60. Bonnie reported that most of the attendees for the Feb. 15th event were Lemoyne nursing students and that there were receipts from this event totaling $790.00.
    • Bonnie reported that for the upcoming collaborative September event each school had to deposit $400.00 for the collaborative event which included SU, Lemoyne and Upstate. 
    • Total expenses were $1949.00. 
    • Bonnie discussed the records that were sent to an auditor and Bonnie is to meet with Joanie Payne (previous OA treasurer) to discuss the situation. Donna Parks voiced that she would prefer we use a different auditor all together.
    • 2010-2011 chapter budget was also reviewed.
  • Secretary’s Report – no correspondences were received or sent.

3. Committee Reports

a. Governance Report

  • Roberta remarked about the nice job that was done regarding the policy formation for members of the Leadership Succession group.
  • Donna Parks reviewed the exact content of the policy with Dee Welk.
  • Dee Welk discussed how to exactly word the policy so it was consistent with the bylaws and asked about policy needing to state the process of replacing the leadership succession person.
  • Donna Parks read to the board how the new policy would read including the statement regarding replacement of the leadership succession person and policy was approved by all board members

b. Leadership Succession Report -

  • hawanda White reported that the group was assembling the call for nominations due by end of March 2011.
  • Ballots for voting would need to be out by May 1st
  • Election results would then be done by 1st of June
  • Discussed picnic date for either June 2nd or 9th. Bonnie to check with the Town of Dewitt for Ryder Park regarding availability for these dates.
  • Reviewed offices that need to be elected into this year:
    • President Elect
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Faculty Counselor
    • Governance – 2 vacancies
    • Leadership Succession – 2 vacancies

Dee Welk clarified that the Leadership Succession group is the group that is a “grooming committee”  that is to start looking toward people who might want to or would be likely to fulfill upcoming vacant positions.

  • Shawanda White was appointed to the leadership succession committee and Janine was elected. Shawanda now has the option to either remain in her position for another year or ask for her position to be filled this election period.
  • Roberta is to set up meeting with Janine and Shawanda to discuss the election process and to initiate the call for nominations.
  • Board agreed that all would make recommendations and e-mail or phone them to Shawanda ( or Janine (

c. Faculty Counselor’s Report - deferred

d Research Advisory Group -

  1. Research Collaborative Event – Roberta discussed collaborative research event to be held in Sept - further details to follow. The group should be ready to send a save the date later this spring.
  2. Research Collaborative project – no update
  3. CON/OA Research Poster Presentation – IHP April (3rd Thursday) details to follow.

4. Regional Report

Dee was present at our meeting today via speaker phone and she informed the group that Elmira was having the first of hopefully many annual Regional conferences on Friday April 1st.  Roberta will be attending. Pat Knox is also attendin from our chapter. Roberta promoted that this would be great to have more of our chapter members attend. Dee explained that this is our 1st ever Regional Conference and the agenda will include:

  • Explanation and meaning of “The Circle”
  • Discussion regarding Chapter Websites
  • Best Practices
  • Leadership Succession issues and much more…… (please see Region11 Newsletter/flyer on the Upstate CON/Omicron Alpha website)

Dee and the group discussed “The Circle” a networking tool through STTI and that each member only needs to sign in with e-mail and membership #.  She discussed that each member is already in the system but that everyone should update their profile and then each special piece of the your specific profile links you to other members with similar interests – networking.

Dee also reviewed with the group the Region 11 Newsletter.

5. New Business

  1. The group discussed the 50th Anniversary of Upstate’s College of Nursing Alumni.  OA chapter is funding a harpist for this event. We will also have a table. All are encouraged to join in the festivities  to congratulate the College of Nursing.
  2. Group discussed the Nursing in China lecture event on Friday the 18th of March at noon on the 9th floor conference room of the Golisano’s Children’s wing in the hospital - More info to follow soon via e-mail to all members. 

6. Open Forum

Collaborative - At-Large Chapter:

  • Roberta initiated a discussion regarding the pros and cons of collaboration, consortia, and at-large chapters. 
  • Locally there are two chapters Omicron alpha – Upstate Medical University and Omicron – Syracuse University Alumni) and with LeMoyne seeking chaptership would be a third chapter within a three mile radius.
  • Dee Welk reported that this at-large model would make one chapter with the above 3 sources for membership.
  • Discussed that the three groups have been meeting for over a year. Roberta feels that although they are making progress there has been some disjointed communication between nursing schools/chapters. Roberta reviewed with Dee Welk our last board meeting discussion regarding process for becoming an at-large chapter.
  • Donna Parks re-iterated her position regarding that we need to present some good practices over that next two years with the 3 groups doing collaborative events and based on the success of these events then determine going into an at-large chapter.
  • Dee Welk confirmed that STTI headquarters does look at the history of collaboration between groups when recommending and or approving an at-large chapter.
  • A meeting took place February 8th where Dee and Jenny Paugh from STTI HQ attended via phone conference. The group was given direction on how to proceed. The next meeting will be March 22nd to discuss developing a proposal.

Renewing Membership

Membership Renewal – Please visit Online Membership Renewal Form.

Please contact STTI headquarters if you need your membership number or have questions. (888) 634-7575

Board Member Training

STTI Tools and Resources: Headquarters offers leadership training sessions targeted towards various roles. The website has a new Tools and Resources Page: > Chapter Information >Tools and Resources

TUESDAY APRIL 5th, 2011 - 5:00pm
At The Golisano Children’s Hospital - conference room 12405

Respectfully Submitted,
Robin Wensel, Secretary

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
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