Board Meeting Minutes - February 23, 2012

Date: 02/23/2012
Place: Golisano Children’s Hospital 11th floor conference room 11405A

Attendance: Mike Allain, Carol Braund, Nicole Harf, Nancy Lyon, Bonnie Miner, Roberta Rolland, Donna Parks, Peg Ryan

1. Welcome and Review of Minutes

Call to order at 5:35 p.m. by Roberta Rolland, President; Introduction and Welcome; Thank you to Bonnie Miner for making meeting arrangements and Nancy Lyon for bringing snacks.

2. Officer Reports

  • President’s Report –
  • Vice President’s Report Fall Program: Karen Dygert, VP, was not present but has suggested having ‘cultural diversity’ as the topic for the upcoming year, with several ideas shared, from ‘Out of Poverty’ (Janine Morris, presenter), to a panel of presenters from various cultures, and nurses working/having worked with various cultures present. She spoke of making it a series with contact hours.  Karen will contact Omicron and LeMoyne to plan this as a collaborative event.
  • Treasurer’s Report Bonnie Miner gave treasurer’s report. Discussion of dues; board feedback/consensus responses that unnecessary to raise dues at this time (programs planned do not warrant). Fund raiser would be 1st option before considering increasing dues. Dues will remain @ $100.00 STTI, of that, OA receives $30.00
  • Secretary’s Report Deferred

3. Committee Reports

  • Governance Report
    • Policy: board member involvement/duties, Bylaws: Peg to submit draft of policy to Lynette Beatty to review.
    • Bylaws: 2011-2013 Bylaws template downloaded and DRAFT updated for our chapter; to be modified to include additional committees previously omitted and potentially add Research Advisory to our standing committees (see discussion below).
  • Leadership Succession Report – HELP NEEDED with Election 2012 – Please contact ShaWanda White if you would like to assist with the 2012 process (   Positions Open: Secretary, Faculty Counselor, Governance (two positions open), Leadership Succession (Three positions open – one for 1 year and two for 2 years) Discussion regarding whether President Elect is a position to fill this year; Bylaws checked;  according to the Bylaws, President Elect is a one year commitment (prior to taking Presidential office) and therefore is unnecessary to elect at this time.
    * Omicron Alpha Board of Directors 2011 – 2012:
    • President: Roberta Rolland
    • President-Elect: Donna Parks
    • Vice President: Karen Dygert
    • Treasurer: Bonnie Miner
    • Secretary: Robin Wensel
    • Faculty Counselors: Joyce Scarpinato, Melanie Kalman
    • Governance Committee: Donna Parks, Peg Ryan, Bridget McCarthy
    • Leadership Succession: Sha-Wanda White
    • Chapter Assistant: Nancy Lyon
  • Faculty Counselor’s Report -
  • Research Advisory Group - Chair 2011-2013 Michael Allain. Discussion regarding the Chair of the Research Advisory Group may sit on the board as well as report to the board. Roberta will research regulations related to research group becoming a standing committee and melding more with and being more involved with the board for increased connection and communication.
    Mike Allain relayed that Research Advisory meets monthly via conference call (via All members are welcome and encouraged to join the meetings. Please contact Mike if you would like to join the meeting (Mike reported on ‘Missed Caremultisite study (Crouse, St. Joes, UH). Meega Wells is working on a list of experienced researchers who are willing to serve as mentors and resources.
    *Collaborative Research Event – April 26, 2012 from 5-7 PM - Nursing Leadership in the 21st Century An Evening with a Proven Nursing Leader -  Janis Kohlbrenner RN, PhD, Vice President Clinical Services/CNO Oneida Healthcare - Location: Marley Educational Center, Crouse Hospital, Syracuse, NY 13126  - Sponsored by Omicron, Omicron Alpha, Upsilon Upsilon, Le Moyne Honor Society, Upstate Medical University and Crouse Hospital 
  • Delegate Report – Donna Parks reported on the Bienium. Please see the report on the CON Omicron Alpha website. Please view the incoming president’s call to action, Suzanne Prevost, PhD, RN, COI, Give Back to Move Forward - 2011–2013 Presidential Call to Action.

4. Region 11

Chapter Health – The Circle. Members may access the circle:  - aim to have computers set up at all events to assist members with setting up access to The Circle.

Region 11 Conference - Brochure was sent to the OA listserve 2.17.2012
OR you may go to the following website to register
Epsilon XI - University of Rochester March 29 and 30th. EARLY FEE EXTENDED to March 10th

Region 11 Leaders meeting – March 29th 3:30 – 5:30. Roberta plans to attend however, unclear about the evening’s event to celebrate Epsilon Xi’s 30 year anniversary. Roberta will call for more details and suggested flowers sent from OA.

Old & New Business

  1. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee – Roberta met with Gina Myers (LeMoyne) to designed a model to help organize the collaborative movement for developing a proposal for At-Large and working on collaborative events. There will be two independent groups – one working on the proposal and the other working on collaborative events. Both groups would report to the chapter presidents (Kara Keyes – LeMoyne, Renee Olszewski – Omicron). Barb Fero and Pat Knox represent OA with developing the proposal. Karen Dygert will represent OA with event planning. Concerns were voiced about becoming at-large with Omicron. The proposal would outline a structure of Omicron Alpha, Omicron, and LeMoyne as an At-Large chapter. This would need to be approved by the boards and membership to move forward for submission to Headquarters.

  2. Annual Picnic – Ryder Park - Possible dates: Wed June 6th or Thurs June 7th – board in favor of continuing this tradition; Bonnie to check into June 6th to reserve park.

  3. Walk to End Alzheimer’s  - Saturday September 29, 2012 – Long Branch Park – Thank you to Patricia Stewart and Nancy Lyon for leading past efforts with OA. Thank you to all who participated and supported the efforts to end Alzheimer’s Disease.

  4. Amaus Sock Drive - Do we want to continue? Other ideas Need someone to take charge of Sock Drive – Anyone interested – please contact Roberta at

  5. Quality Coach Lines – 2012 NYC Saturday December 8th – 56 passenger bus - mild price increase with this year’s contract – Price increase for passengers – $55-STTI members, $60 – non-members. All agreed to move forward with event - watch for details.

  6. INDUCTION: Possible date Friday November 2, 2012 – consider same venue  - Weiskotten Auditorium  - Please contact Roberta if you have thoughts on a speaker. Honor Cords for students: discussion of potential of ‘earning’ cord by pledging (this was idea from Biennial Conference done with other chapters) e.g.: pledge to enter basic information and interests with The Circle and VIP Profile; attend 2 events/year; etc (see Donna’s Biennial report on the CON website for additional ideas).

  7. Orientation – New member and Update seasoned members: Discussion of considering breakfast/brunch gathering for new inductees either 1-2 weeks before or right after induction to introduce new members to the chapter, but also STTI (watch ‘welcome’ video together, give thumbnail of history of the chapter, what we’re involved in; Amaus; committees, call to action/what can participate in, etc; offer opportunity to sign up for ‘The Circle’, networking activity, etc.). Nicole voiced that she wondered what her role was as a new member. We agreed that we need to do more to help new members engage in the opportunities STTI has to offer.

  8. Membership - Understanding the caliber of STTI is difficult from a local view. I invite everyone to explore the STTI website and all it has to offer ( There are opportunities for education/webinars, job search, and networking. You can access the Virginia Henderson Library and STTI Connect. Please use the resources and networking to advance your endeavors.

    Renew Membership

    Please support the efforts of STTI. Please renew your membership – even if it has lapsed you can bring it current at any time. Please contact STTI headquarters if you need your membership number or have questions. (888) 634-7575 
  9. Board Member Training and Resources Headquarters offers leadership training sessions targeted towards various roles. The website has a new Tools and Resources Page: > Chapter Information >Tools and Resources
  10. Meeting Schedule – plan for open board meeting May 2012 and TRANSITION BOARD MEETING aimed for third week in June to transition new board members and discuss plans for 2012/2013.
  11. Omicron Alpha Board of Directors / Committee Members 2011 – 2012
    President: Roberta Rolland (
    President-Elect: Donna Parks
    Vice President: Karen Dygert
    Treasurer: Bonnie Miner
    Secretary: Robin Salvaterra
    Faculty Counselors: Joyce Scarpinato, Melanie Kalman
    Governance Committee: Donna Parks, Peg Ryan, Bridget McCarthy
    Leadership Succession: Sha-Wanda White
    Chapter Assistant: Nancy Lyon
    Research Advisory Group Chair: Michael Allain
    Chapter Delegates
    Conference Delegates: Donna Parks, Roberta Rolland
    Electronic Delegates: Donna Parks, Priscilla Worral

    Submitted by: Donna Parks, President Elect, serving as recording secretary for this meeting.

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Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
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