MS Curriculum: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP)

This program of study lists the courses that you will be required to complete to meet graduation requirements.


Year One Fall Semester Credits
NURS 565 Nurse as Educator 3
NURS 612 Family Nursing Theory 3
NURS 621 Clinical Pathophysiology 3
NURS 607 Advanced Health Assessment 3
  TOTAL 12
Year One Spring Semester Credits
NURS 610 Nursing Theory 3
NURS 616 Advanced Nursing Research 3
NURS 640 Pharmacology 3
NURS 686 Clin Mgmt PNP I 5
  TOTAL 14
Year One Summer Semester Credits
NURS 613 Innovation in Information, Quality, and Safety 3
NURS 700 Thesis *** (Optional) 1-3
  Total 4-6 cr
Year Two Fall Semester Credits
NURS 626 Leadership for APN 3
NURS 687 Clin Mgmt PNP II 6
Graduate Elective (500+ or higher)+, ++, +++ 3
Year Two Spring Semester Credits
NURS 688 Clin Mgmt/PHC PNP III

Graduate Elective (500+ or higher)+, ++, +++ 3
  Culminating Graduate Project* 0
PNP = 50 credits 50 (PNP)

+ Graduate Elective (500+ or higher graduate level course)
++ Education Minor (9 credits): Students choosing to complete The Education Minor will take the rquired course NURS 565 and the following two courses as their graduate electives.

+++Thesis Option: Students choosing to complete a Thesis will take NURS 700 (6 credits) and graduate Statistics elective.


NURS 640 requires NURS 621
NURS 655/NURS 665 requires NURS 565
NURS 686 requires NURS 607
NURS 687 requires NURS 686
NURS 688 requires NURS 687


NURS 607 requires NURS 621
NURS 686 requires NURS 616; NURS 640
Culminating Graduate Project is required if Thesis is not chosen

Application Period
MS Program, Fall 2015
October 15, 2014 –
February 1, 2015

NOTE: There are exceptions to these dates for RNs with a bachelors in another field and for the North Country program. Please see specific application periods for those programs on their respective pages.

Joyce Scarpinato, DNP,PNP-BC,FNP-C
Joyce Scarpinato, DNP,PNP-BC,FNP-C
Director of Master's Program
Ibrahim Thabet

After becoming an RN with an associate’s degree, Ibrahim Thabet said, “I felt that my journey was not complete. I decided to continue my education at Upstate Medical University because of the school's rich tradition of prestige.

I could not have imagined an easier transition.” Ibrahim achieved his goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner by earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the College of Nursing.

—Ibrahim Thabet, FNP (2010)