This program of study lists the courses that you will be required to complete to meet graduation requirements.

Year One Fall Semester Credits
NURS 565 Nurse as Educator 3
NURS 512 Family Nursing Theory 3
NURS 621 Clinical Pathophysiology 3
NURS 607 Advanced Health Assessment 3
NURS 609 Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Theory 3
  TOTAL 15
Year One Spring Semester Credits
NURS 610 Nursing Theory 3
NURS 616 Advanced Nursing Resesarch 3
NURS 640 Pharmacology 3
NURS 627 Clinical Management/FPMHNP I 5
  TOTAL 14
Year One Summer Semester Credits
NURS 613 Innovation in Information. Quality, and safety 3
Year Two Fall Semester Credits
NURS 626 Leadership for APN 3
NURS 628 Clinical Management/FPMHNP II 6
Graduate Elective (500+ or higher)+, ++, +++ 3
  TOTAL 12
Year Two Spring Semester Credits
NURS 629 Clinical Management/: FPMHNP III 6
Graduate Elective (500+ or higher)+, ++, +++ 3
  Culminating Clinical Project 0
CREDITS MS: FPMHNP = 53 credits 53 (FPMHNP)

+ Graduate Elective (500+ or higher graduate level course)
++ Education Minor (9 credits): Students choosing to complete The Education Minor will take the rquired course NURS 565 and the following two courses as their graduate electives.

+++Thesis Option: Students choosing to complete a Thesis will take NURS 700 (6 credits) and graduate Statistics elective.


NURS 640 requires NURS 621
NURS 655/NURS 665 requires NURS 565
NURS 627 requires NURS 607; NURS 609
NURS 628 requires NURS 627
NURS 629 requires NURS 628


NURS 607 requires NURS 621
NURS 609 requires NURS 607
NURS 627 requires NURS 616; NURS 640
NURS 628 requires NURS 512 and NURS 565

Application Period
MS Program, Fall 2015
October 15, 2014 –
February 1, 2015

NOTE: There are exceptions to these dates for RNs with a bachelors in another field and for the North Country program. Please see specific application periods for those programs on their respective pages.

Joyce Scarpinato, DNP,PNP-BC,FNP-C
Joyce Scarpinato, DNP,PNP-BC,FNP-C
Director of Master's Program
Ibrahim Thabet

After becoming an RN with an associate’s degree, Ibrahim Thabet said, “I felt that my journey was not complete. I decided to continue my education at Upstate Medical University because of the school's rich tradition of prestige.

I could not have imagined an easier transition.” Ibrahim achieved his goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner by earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the College of Nursing.

—Ibrahim Thabet, FNP (2010)