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Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing

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Janet A Sobczak, PhD, PMHNP-BC, PMHCNS-BC, NPP

Janet A Sobczak, PhD, PMHNP-BC, PMHCNS-BC, NPP
Appointed 06/01/15
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Building
713 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

315 464-4276

Current Appointments

Hospital Campus

  • Community

Research Programs and Affiliations

  • College of Nursing

Education & Fellowships

  • BS: Fitchburg State College, B.S.N. in Nursing
  • Fellowship: University of Washington, National Institite of Drug Abuse, #T32 Da07257-10
  • MS: University of Virginia, M.S.N. in Psychiatric Nursing
  • PhD: Medical College of Georgia, Nursing
  • Post Graduate Training: SUNY Stony Brook, Post-Masters Cert: Psych & Mental Health NP
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Washington, School of Nursing, National Institite of Drug Abuse, #T32 Da07257-10

Specialties & Certification

  • Psychiatric & Mental Health CNS
  • Post-Masters Cert: Psych & Mental Health NP


Selected  Research Activities

  • Principal  Investigator - Sexual function in postmenopausal women.
  • Principal  Investigator - The spring break study.
  • Principal  Investigator - Depression & sexual distress in substance. dependent women    
  • Principal  Investigator - Substance dependent women’s experiences with abstinence.
  • Co-Investigator  - Incidence of alcohol related trauma in a rural emergency department. Lopez,
        S.A., & Ambrogne, J.A.

Grants  & Funded Research


  • Mental  health disparities in rural New York  and Surrounding Areas.” State of New    York, Conversations in the Discipline conference  grant. J. Sobczak, project director.  6/3/08-5/1/09. $5,000.  
  • “Enhancing  hypnotizability: Compliance versus imagery.” National Institute of Health.  S. Lynn, PI.  1/1/2003 – 12/31/2004. $18,813.


  • “Sexual  function in postmenopausal women.” Kresge  Center for Nursing Research, Decker School  of  Nursing. J. Sobczak, PI. 1/1/2007- 12/31/2007. $4,183.00
  • “Substance dependent women’s experiences  with abstinence.” Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Omicron. J.Ambrogne, PI. 1/1998-1/1999. $400.00

Selected Publications 

  • Sobczak,  J.A. (in press).Managing  high acuity depressed patients in primary care. Journal of  the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.
  •  Sobczak, J.A. (in press). Managing depression in primary care:  When substance use blurs the
        treatment lens. In W. Hansson  & E. Olsson (Eds.). New perspectives on women and depression.  NY: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Sobczak,  J.A. (2007). Measurement in rural  research: Matching the instrument to the   population. In L.L. Morgan and  P. Stewart-Fahs (Eds.), Conversations in  the Disciplines: Sustaining Rural Populations (pp. 149-159). Binghamton University,  Binghamton,  NY:  Global Academic Publishing
  • Ambrogne, J.A.  (2007). Managing depressive symptoms in the  context of  abstinence:  Findings from a  qualitative study.  Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 43(2), 84-92.
  • Ambrogne, J.A. (2002).   Reduced–risk drinking as  a treatment goal: What clinicians need to know. Journal  of Substance Abuse Treatment, 22(1), 45-53.
  • Pursley-Crotteau, M.S. & Ambrogne, J.A. (1997). Through Feminists' lens:  A critique of codependency. Journal  of Addictions Nursing, 9(3), 106-111.

Selected  Presentations 

  • March  2008:  “Distress from  patient care? Steps to de-stress.  Sigma  Theta Tau Beta Omicron and New York State Nurse’s Association District 5  meeting. Binghamton,  NY., Sobczak, J.A.
  • February, 2008: “Preliminary findings from a grounded theory  study of sexual function in the post-menopausal woman.” 32nd  Annual Women’s Health Conference, Drexel Universiy 2/2008.Atlantic City, NJ., Sobczak,  J.A., & Grabo, T.
  • February, 2008: “Sexual function in post-menopausal women: Future  directions.” Decker School  of Nursing Green Bag Luncheon 02/08, Binghamton,  NY., Sobczak,J.A., & Grabo, T.           
  • October, 2007: “Faculty  and Student  Collaboration in a  qualitative study.”  Decker School  of Nursing Doctoral Convocation 10/07, Binghamton,  NY., Sobczak,J.A. &   Grabo, T.
  • January, 2007: “Post-Menopausal  women and sexual function: A grounded theory study. Decker School of Nursing  Green Bag Luncheon 01/07, Binghamton,  NY., Sobczak, J.A., & Grabo, T.   
  • November  2005:   “Sexual dysfunction and depression in alcohol  dependent women.” American Psychiatric Nurse’s Association Annual Conference  11/2005, Nashville,  TN., Sobczak, J.A.
  • January  2005:  “Engaging students in  qualitative research: A collaborative Approach.” Mosby’s Faculty Development  Institute 01/05, Las Vegas,  NV., Ambrogne,J.A. and Lake-Morgan, L.
  • November  2004:  “A qualitative study of  undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of rural nursing.” American Public  Health Association 11/04, Washington   D.C., March, A., Chiu, T.Z.,  Dawood, E., Klesh, J, Ambrogne, J.A. and Lake-Morgan, L.
  • April  2004: “Baccalaureate  student nurses’ perceptions of rural nursing.”   Poster presented at Conversations in the Discipline: Sustaining Rural  Populations 04/04, Binghamton    University, NY,  Klesh, J., Ambrogne, J.A., Chiu, T.Z., Dawood, E., and Lake-Morgan, L.
  • March  2000: “Patterns of  Compensation in Alcohol Dependent Women: The depression connection.” Paper presented at  the International Nurse’s Society on Addictions annual conference 03/00, Chicago, IL, Ambrogne, J.A.
  • May,  1997:  "Alcohol  Dependent Women's Experiences with Temperance: Preliminary findings."  Paper presented at the Medical College of Georgia Graduate Student  Research Day, 05/1997. Augusta, GA, Ambrogne, J.A.
  • April  1997: "Bridging  the Gap Between Theory and Research:   Preliminary Findings from a Qualitative Study of Alcohol Dependent  Women.” Poster presented at the Southern Nursing Research Society Eleventh  Annual Conference.  04/1997. Norfolk, VA, Ambrogne, J.A.
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