Part-time Study

Many students in the bachelor’s program attend part­time. It is suggested that part-time students take a minimum of 12 credits per year (two courses per semester) to progress through the program in a timely manner. To maintain full-time status, students must take 12 or more credits per semester.

Non-matriculated students (those who are not formally enrolled in the college) may take a maximum of nine credits of course work on a space available basis.

Application Period

BS Program, Spring 2015:
Oct 15, 2014 – Nov 1, 2014

BS Program, Fall 2015:
Oct 15, 2014 – Feb 1, 2015

Roberta A. Rolland, PhD,

Director of Bachelor's Program
Sean Campanie

"The FNP program has helped me to grow professionally, while allowing me the flexibility to meet the needs of my family. The faculty are knowledgeable, offering guidance and support when I need it most.."

—Sean Campanie, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner