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2014 Campaign Update

1,298 pledges totaling

as of 3/25/15

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$100 ePledge Winners (9/29-10/10)


9/29 - Kathleen Deters Hayes
9/30 - Meraedith Lange
10/1 - Erin Peters
10/2 - Barbara Riggall
10/3 - Michele Berkery
10/4 - Sally Thompson
10/5 - Philip Ball
10/6 - Mary Usiatynski
10/7 - Antoinette Wood
10/8 - Tammy Blackburn
10/9 - Shelley Horak
10/10 - Tree Carter

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I support the Don Roller Fund
at Upstate Cancer Center

My name is Don Sadeckas, and I am happy to be a supporter of the Don Roller Fund. This fund was created last year in memory of Don Roller who worked in the IMT department here at Upstate.

Don Roller

Don Roller died of cancer last year. Don was a great person who went out of his way to ensure the needs of his customers were met and always left a positive impression. The Don Roller fund was set up to help with the great cancer work done here at Upstate University Hospital and the future cancer center.

I ask everyone, especially those who knew Don Roller, to join me in honoring him by donating to this fund through the Upstate Community Giving Campaign.