I'm Ready to Pledge!

You may pledge your support either of 2 ways—EPledge online through Self Serve or pledge with a tradition paper form. Follow the instructions below to help you pledge your support.

E-Pledge between Oct. 1-Oct. 12 and you will be eligible to win $100 in our daily drawing!

On October 1, you will receive an email from Self-Serve with a link to ePledge. https://selfserve.upstate.edu/ais/applications/marketing/sefa/epledge

Step-by-Step ePledge Instructions

Click ePledge Button on Self Serve

  • Step 1: Select Payment Option – Choose Payroll Deduction or Credit Card
  • Step 2: Enter Pledge Amount – enter the total amount you wish to pledge. Your weekly amount will automatically populate. Or, you can enter your weekly deduction and the total will automatically populate
    *Note: Depending on your pledge amount you will automatically qualify for the Step Up Challenge
    E-Pledge step 1
  • Step 3: Select if you would like to designate your pledge to a specific organization(s). If yes, you will be able to do so now the next screen.
  • Steps 4-6: Answer the questions about your recognition as a donor or if you would like to combine your gift with a spouse. Then hit "NEXT"
  • Step 7: Select your designation(s)
    E-Pledge step 7.1
    EPledge step 7.2

    EPledge step 7.3
  • Step 8: Review your pledge information. If you are happy with your pledge hit "submit pledge". If you need to make a change, click "back".
    EPledge step 8.1

    EPledge step 8.2

Once you've submitted your pledge you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Thank you for your support!

Paper Pledge

Use the pledge form mailed to you, or download a paper pledge formPDF Icon

Thank you for your support!