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Pledge Total to Date

from 1313 people!

$100 ePledge Winners


  • 9/28 - Linda Gribble
  • 9/29 - Mark Woodford
  • 9/30 - Linda Slater
  • 10/1 - Michelle Strom
  • 10/2 - Andrea Bleyle
  • 10/5 - Cathy Cadley
  • 10/6 - Chere Ware
  • 10/7 - Wendi Ackerman
  • 10/8 - Angelina Aicher
  • 10/9 - Elizabeth LaDuke

$100 a day Winners

  • Quinnika Ayers
  • Nicholas Greco
  • Kathy Maurillo
  • Erin Pieklik
  • Amy Tetrault

CAB Membership Winner

  • Anthony Darby

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Upstate Prize Winners

  • Jeannette Gilhooley won a $50 gift card to Vince's Gourmet Imports
  • Antoinett Dufort won a Zoo Family Pack
  • Robert H. Seabury won a Pastabilities $50.00 Gift Card
  • Jennifer Kozlowski, Starbucks gift basket valued at $50
  • Lataveis Bryant, $50 gift card from Vince Gourmet

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