Getting Ready for Hospital Discharge

Getting Ready for Hospital Discharge

The focus of the Orthopedics team is to help you learn to help yourself. YOU are the most important member of the team. It is extremely important that you attend ALL of your therapy sessions. The ultimate outcome of your surgery is based on your hard work, as well as the caring you receive from your health care providers.

The Physical Therapist will help you to walk with your new joint and begin to help you with the necessary exercises needed to help strengthen your new joint.  Please bring tie shoes or sneakers with you to the hospital; they will help you to walk more easily. We will continue to encourage you to stay up and to walk for longer distances each day. Remember to ask for pain medications as you need them. Usually pain medications can be taken every 4 hours as needed.

You will feel stronger each day and have less discomfort.  We will encourage you to do as much as you can for yourself.  We suggest your family attend therapy sessions with you.  Besides exercising and walking, we will also have you practice going up and down stairs. You may want to bring your clothes and get dressed while in the hospital. We find that people feel better wearing their own clothes.

Call don't fall.

Depending on your needs, the Occupational Therapist will provide adaptive equipment that will help you after your hospital discharge.   It's helpful to practice using this equipment while in the hospital so that you are comfortable with i t by the time you go home.

By the 2nd or 3rd day, most patients are ready to be discharged, either to their home or a rehabilitation facility.  Your case manager will help you to decide the plan that is best for you.  

Part of our job and yours is to make sure you are ready for your discharge.  We will expect you to climb up and down stairs, perform your exercises, and walk with the aid of a walker or crutches before you are discharged from the hospital.

By the end of your hospital stay you WILL feel stronger.  And you will improve.