Evaluations Committee


Ira Ames, PhD


Ms. Rosemarie Troup: 464-4543
Office of the Dean
College of Graduate Studies
Room 3122, Weiskotten Hall


  • Russell Durkovic, PhD
  • Steve Grassl, PhD
  • Michael Princiotta, PhD
  • Robert West, PhD
Ex Officio
  • Steven Goodman, PhD
  • Steven Youngentob, PhD


The Evaluations Committee evaluates the first-year student's performance. The committee may inform the students of the evaluation, provide suggestions for improvement and inform students of the recommendation to be made to Graduate Council.

Based upon each student's performance, the Evaluation Committee will make recommendation to the Graduate Council regarding each student's status, viz., continuance in good standing, probation or dismissal.

The committee establishes guidelines and evaluation forms for the 612GS Biological Laboratory Rotations Course. The committee collects grades and evaluation forms at the end of each laboratory rotation for submission of grades to the Registrar's Office.

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