Steering Committee Members/Charge

Overview: The Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the Self-Study process in preparation for the site visit by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education. 


  1. Monitor progress of the six Working Groups to address all areas of medical education at Upstate Medical University
  2. Arrange for college-wide review of and response to draft Self-Study
  3. Review, edit, and approve the final Self-Study Summary Report, Data Collection Instrument, Documentation Roadmap (appendices)
  4. Participate in LCME Kick-Off Event, mock site visits, and site visit Survey Team
Name Title Role on Steering Committee
Julio Licinio Dean, College of Medicine Co-Chair
Paul Ko Associate Dean,
Undergraduate Medical Education
Working Group 2 Co-Chair
Lynn Cleary Vice President, Academic Affairs Member
Mantosh Dewan Distinguished Service Professor, Psychiatry Member
Lisa Phelan Director, Accreditation & Compliance Member
Lisa Neerukonda Coordinator, Accreditation & Compliance Member
Michael DePasquale MS 2, ISA Co-chair Student Member
Michelle Gorbonosov MS 2, ISA Co-chair Student Member
John Lofrese MS 4, ISA Co-chair Student Member
Gabrielle Ritaccio MS 4, ISA Co-chair Student Member
Renae Rokicki Project & Strategic Planning Administrator Working Group 1 Co-Chair
Tom Schwartz Interim Chair, Psychiatry Working Group 1 Co-Chair
Tom Swoboda Associate Dean,
Academic Affairs - Binghamton
Working Group 2 Co-Chair
Patty Kane Chair, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Working Group 3 Co-Chair
Robert Corona Chair, Pathology Working Group 3 Co-Chair
Ann Botash Distinguished Teaching Professor, Pediatrics Working Group 4 Co-Chair
Margaret Maimone Associate Professor,
Cell & Developmental Biology
Working Group 4 Co-Chair
Lauren Germain Director, Evaluation, Assessment,
& Research
Working Group 5 Co-Chair
Christopher Morley Interim Chair, Public Health & Preventive
Medicine Vice Chair, Family Medicine
Working Group 5 Co-Chair
Julie White Dean, Student Affairs Working Group 6 Co-Chair
Larry Chin Chair, Neurosurgery Working Group 6 Co-Chair