Simulation Activities for Medical Students (SAMS)

SUNY Upstate's Department of Emergency Medicine has developed a number of integrated simulation experiences for our medical students during their four years of medical school.

  • simulated intubationYear One: Apply lifesaving knowledge in simulated cardiac arrest.
  • Year Two: Apply pathophysiology and pharmacology principles.
  • Year Three: Practice clinical skills such as IV and catheter placement.
  • Year Four: Emergency Medicine internship; toxicology elective.
  • All four years: Intubation and IVworkshops.
Ambrish Patel, Class of 2011, Carteret, NJ

Ambrish Patel, Class of 2011, Carteret, NJ

"First year was tough, a little harder than I expected. The faculty here are understanding and they know we are overwhelmed with material. They try their best to accommodate us.

"Second year, it's like, 'Wow, I'm in med school!' There's more material to learn, but with the passing of each unit, you're that much closer to your clinical years.

"I've talked with friends at other med schools, and it's the same all over for second-years. A lot of work, but there's light at the end of the tunnel."