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Contact: Curriculum Office
Location: Room 1251, Weiskotten Hall
Mailing Address: 750 East Adams St.
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315 464-5187
Fax: 315 464-5188

The Curriculum Office administers the undergraduate medical education program, coordinates the content and sequence of courses, and promotes innovative learning, teaching and evaluation of techniques. The office maintains a file of all courses outlines, lecture schedules, handouts and other course materials and educational databases which are available for use by faculty and students.


Jennifer G. Christner, MD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

Thomas Poole, PhD
Assistant Dean for Foundational Science
Director of Phase 1

Paul Ko, MD
Assistant Dean for Clinical Curriculum
Director of Phase 2

Susan Anderson
Director of Administration
Phone: 315 464-5187

Lisa Phelan
Director of Accreditation Compliance
Phone: 315 464-7004

Lauren Germain, PhD
Director of Evaluation, Assessment and Research
Phone: 315 464-5193

Karen Kelly, MS
Director of Curriculum Mapping
Phone: 315 464-7117

Colleen Denniston
Testing Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-5190

Collette Fay
Practice of Medicine Program Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-2648

Meghan Ummel
Phase 1 Coordinator
Practice of Medicine Program Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-2641

Patty Gooden
Administrative Staff Assistant
(Curriculum Office and Academic Affairs)
Phone: 315 464-5387

Barb Hinds
Administrative Assistant
(Curriculum Office and Standardized Patient Program)
Phone: 315 464-5186


Dear Students & Faculty:

Your ideas, concerns
and opinions about our curriculum are of great interest to me, and I want to hear about them from you. Please provide examples of how we can improve our curriculum as well as examples of where you feel we are doing a good job. All email messages will be confidential.  If you choose to provide your name/contact information, you will receive a timely response from me.

Thank you for your interest in our curriculum, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer G. Christner, MD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Chair, Curriculum Committee