Application Deadline

AMCAS: Applications must be submitted to AMCAS by October 15.

Upstate: Applications to the College of Medicine must be complete by December 1.

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Medical Scholars Program Curriculum

Year 1

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
Biochemistry Cell & Molec
Genetics Med Micro
Microbiology and Immunology
Identify Thesis Research Lab Research Research

Year 2

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Clinical Micro* Infect. Control** Infect. Disease** Laboratory Operations
Advanced Microbiology

Credit Hours

Courses Credits Time
Biochemistry 4 1.5h, 3x/week
Microbiology and Immunology 8 1h, ~5-6x/week
Cell & Molecular Biology 3 2h, 3x/week
Human Genetics 3 2h, 3x/week
Medcial Microbiology 6 8h, 5x/week
Clinical Micro Rotation* 5 6h, 5x/week
Research-Thesis Proposal 2
Infection Control** 2.5 4h, 5x/week
Infectious Disease** 2.5 4h, 5x/week
Laboratory Operations 2 2h, 1x/week
Advanced Micro & Immuno 2 2h, 1x/week
Research-Thesis 4
Total: 44
*Depending on enrollment, may also be held late Aug to late Sep.
**Student chooses a 4 week period anytime from Sep to Feb.