Senior Administrative Staff

The COM OI&D works closely with faculty affairs and COM dean’s office to coordinate and facilitate the recruitment and retention of senior administrative staff. Recruitment strategies include, when appropriate, the use of search firms with a proven record of accomplishment in successfully recruiting URM candidates. In 1997, Upstate established the Faculty and Staff Association for Diversity (FSAD), and in 2008 established the Diversity Council with representation from many levels within the University. The purpose of this council is to advance "Upstate's goals to promote a more diverse and inclusive community." One of the major commitments of the diversity council is to "value and share the strengths of our differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment."

Specific recommendations related to the Diversity Council's "Employer of Choice" initiative include plans to:

  • Develop action-oriented programs to improve diversity at every level
  • Establish programs for mentorship of diverse candidates
  • Provide leadership in the community regarding solutions to poverty and racism
  • Centralize internal resources related to diversity
  • Sponsor of a SUNY-wide forum on diversity
  • Set expectations to hold leaders and managers accountable at SUNY Upstate to
    • Embrace diversity
    • Support affirmative action goals
    • Mentor employees to success

The COM OD&I and Human Resources work collaboratively to provide diversity recruitment options for hiring managers in order to increase the diversity of applicant pools. A representative of Upstate’s OD&I is available to meet with all hiring departments at the beginning of the search process to assist with outreach efforts. Recommendations for employment are monitored through the documentation of search process. This process ensures that all qualified applicants and employees receive equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, advancement, and any other term and privilege associated with employment.

Faculty Staff Association for Diversity (FSAD)

Since organized in 1997, the FSAD has been committed to the goal of recruiting underrepresented faculty and staff and retaining the ones we have. FSAD believes that it is important to offer ongoing support to the underrepresented faculty and staff who are employed at COM and Upstate. FSAD offers this support through sharing information, providing opportunities for professional development, and socializing together. The FSAD meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month from 12-1 pm, in the Campus Activities Building.

Responsible individual: Trymeter C. Carter, RN, Environmental Health and Safety