Retention & Support Initiatives

President's Diversity Council

Person/Office Responsible: TBH, Chief Diversity Officer

Description: The CouncilKey Icon is charged with developing and leading strategic initiatives to achieve Upstate's goal to promote a more diverse and inclusive community. The diversity council will advise the president, provide oversight of, and promote collaboration among existing diversity-related efforts in addition to identifying areas in need of champions. The Council also has the responsibility of coordinating the Diversity Lecture Series.

President's Advisory Council on Women's Issues (PACWI)

Person/Office Responsible: TBH, Affirmative Action Officer

Description: PACWI is committed to advising the president about the status, challenges and opportunities for women across the University. The Council is comprised of students, residents, faculty, and staff, who are interested in addressing issues of equity and opportunity for women at Upstate.

Women in Medicine & Science (WIMS)

Person/Office Responsible: Co-Chairs Susan Graham, MS & Renee Mestad, MD

Description: WIMS is an association of the entire female faculty of the College of Medicine, College of Health Professions and College of Nursing at SUNY Upstate Medical University. The overriding goal of WIMS is to enhance the status of women on the College of Medicine, College of Health Professions and College of Nursing faculty.

Faculty Staff Association for Diversity (FSAD)

Person/Office Responsible: Trymeter C. Carter, RN Environmental Health and Safety

Description: Since organized in 1997, the FSAD has been committed to the goal of recruiting underrepresented faculty and staff and retaining the ones we have. FSAD believes that it is important to offer ongoing support to the underrepresented faculty and staff who are employed here. FSAD offers this support through sharing information, providing opportunities for professional development, and socializing together. The FSAD meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month from 12-1 pm, in the Campus Activities Building.

Dean's Grand Rounds

Person/Office Responsible: Office of the Dean

Description: The Dean's Grand Rounds provides an opportunity for the medical education community to hear from subject matter experts on a variety of topics.

Minority Faculty & Residents MonthlyMeeting

Person/Office Responsible: Brian Thompson, MD??

Description: We organized a Minority Faculty Group, members meet monthly to discuss concerns specific to faculty who are members of URM groups. This group expanded to include minority residents, so it is now the Minority Faculty and Residents Group. This group developed 2 initiatives: (1) Welcome reception for new minority residents, so that those in different departments can connect early in their residency, and develop relationships for ongoing support; (2) Minority Resident Mentoring Program: URM residents were matched with URM faculty to meet regularly (at least 4 times per year) for 1 year, for ongoing support and mentoring.

Funding and Resources for Faculty Retention and Support Initiatives

  • The funding sources that the medical school has available:
  • The time commitment of these individuals:
  • The organizational locus of the individuals involved in these efforts (e.g., the medical school dean’s office, a university office):