Faculty Retention & Support Initiatives

Multiple efforts have been undertaken at the department level towards enhancing medical school identified diversity categories for faculty (Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino and Female), specifically related to recruitment and retention efforts at COM. For example, diversity committees were established by the departments (Psychiatry, Pediatrics, etc.) and have been operational since 2016.

Each department has their own initiatives and programs to assist with diversity, inclusion, recruitment, and retention efforts. For example, the Department of Pediatrics supports a Women in Pediatrics Group that meets monthly (except summers) throughout the year. The group reviews others (peer) curriculum vitae and discusses challenges and women's issues. The department also launched a new initiative for a culture of inclusion with a kick-off workshop for residents and faculty in fall 2018. Faculty collaborated with residents to analyze cases and discuss bystander interventions in bias. A subsequent workshop, supported by the Doctor's Across New York grant hosted Pete Hill, a Native American educator, was provided to the Pediatric department. The workshop provided background and discussion regarding our local Nation (Native American) population.

Similarly, the Psychiatry Department has had a diversity committee for approximately two years. The committee has six members who are multidisciplinary in nature and reflects the current diversity of the department. The committee’s goal is to examine diversity issues within the department (i.e. recruitment, retention, curriculum). The committee also reviews departmental policies and provides recommendations for improvements over time. The Department executive committee receives this advice and consults with the department chair regarding any implementation to increase diversity and inclusion. The dean has requested that the departmental chairs invite outside speakers (when feasible) to present at departmental Grand Rounds. These speakers are expected to be representative of the school-specific diversity target groups for faculty or senior administrative staff. For example, Dr. Stacey Quintero Wolf, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery at Wake Forrest, presented at Neuroscience Grand Rounds on November 28, 2018.

A review of the outcomes data for recruitment and retention efforts have demonstrated increased numbers towards this effort of increasing female faculty in the last year (54 total faculty offers in 2017-18, with 38 hires throughout the departments). Efforts towards centralizing faculty diversity initiatives in recruitment and retention are underway by the associate dean for diversity and inclusion and the associate dean for faculty affairs with the departments, including the identification of a departmental diversity officer in each department. This diversity officer will be tasked to promote and monitor progress towards the COM Diversity and Inclusion plan and initiatives, and report annually to the associate dean for diversity and inclusion and the associate dean for Faculty Affairs.

Upstate Scholar Development & Mentorship Program

The goal of this program is to support junior faculty career development, serving as an extended introduction to the university and to broad issues faced by junior faculty in terms of their own professional development. This is akin to a "survey course" - introductory material - to facilitate academic career development. This does not replace any existing programs and will need to be followed by more in depth activities that we will develop over time here as well as by professional development activities sponsored by various professional societies and elsewhere.


  • Meetings of 60-90 minutes duration every other week at a time to be determined by the group, most likely at 5 PM.
  • Program leaders: Julio Licinio and Chris Morley
  • Program will last one calendar year
  • One single cohort with members from various departments will go through the program every year


Over the course of approximately 15 meetings, we will have the following learning objectives and structure:

  • Networking within the cohort - learning to obtain peer support
  • How to identify a feasible scholarly/research project
  • How to negotiate for time and resources
  • Dealing with the IRB
  • Ethics and research design: small teams will design their own studies
  • The challenges and opportunities of accessing large databases
  • Writing and submitting meeting abstracts
  • Manuscript writing and submission strategies
Each COM Department can submit 1-2 candidates for this program by Friday, February 1, 2019, through Department Chairs. We will work with Chairs to prioritize nominations.

Faculty Diversity Program

As stated in the Faculty Recruitment page, The SUNY ODE&I administer the Faculty Diversity Program, which is designed to assist campuses with the recruitment, retention, and promotion of outstanding scholars from different backgrounds, including individuals from groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education. Effective for the 2019-2020 award cycle, the total amount that will be allocated for each faculty member appointed under this initiative will increase to $145,000. Salary support will be allocated to the campuses as follows:

  • 2019-2020 - 80% of negotiated salary up to $80,000
  • 2020-2021 - 75% of negotiated salary up to $50,000
  • 2021-2022 - 25% of negotiated salary up to $15,000

Campuses are also eligible to receive up to $15,000 to develop competitive start-up packages for faculty appointed under this initiative.