Shray Patel
Shray Patel,
Class of 2013

The Binghamton clinical campus experience is unique in many ways. The paucity of residents allows for a valuable hand on experience with patients and procedures. Students are given their own patients to manage with direct oversight from enthusiastic clinicians that love to teach. Down here, you are treated as a physician as opposed to a medical student. The autonomy and responsibility given to students here in Binghamton forces learning in positive ways that will be beneficial down the road, especially during residency. People are really friendly in Binghamton, and the administrators are always looking for ways to enhance our experience. The relationships I have fostered with attending physicians during clerkships cannot be matched by Syracuse campus, which is much bigger with more students and residents. Working in several different area hospitals allows students to see a wide variety of cases in all aspects of medicine. Also, students have the option of going back to Syracuse for their 4th year electives if they wish. Simply put, if you learn better by doing rather than watching- Binghamton is for you!

Danielle Weinman

Danielle Weinman, Alumna

"I chose the Binghamton campus for the enhanced clinical hands-on experience. This is reflected in the number of babies I have delivered, my strength in suturing and tying, and my ease examining patients. You are first assist to the doctors you work with, and the relationships you develop with them over the months create mentoring opportunities in a variety of fields. The clinical campus faculty are five minutes from the hospitals and are always accessible. They are absolutely wonderful. The three hospitals you work at are all within five minutes of each other and the diverse experiences you will have are incredible."