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The link below will take you to the College of Medicine Faculty Development web-page, where you can find mentoring resources, administrative documents and faculty events calendar:

The link below will take you directly to the forms needed for appointment and promotion for voluntary faculty:

Residency Program Curriculum - A Step by Step Guide


Fluorescent colors improve surgery

Surgeons are taught from textbooks which conveniently color-code the types of tissues, but that's not what it looks like in real life -- until now. With contemporary technology, a molecular marker can make tumors light up in neon green, and nerves shine in bright yellow, showing surgeons exactly where to cut:


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Danielle Weinman

Danielle Weinman, Alumna

"I chose the Binghamton campus for the enhanced clinical hands-on experience. This is reflected in the number of babies I have delivered, my strength in suturing and tying, and my ease examining patients. You are first assist to the doctors you work with, and the relationships you develop with them over the months create mentoring opportunities in a variety of fields. The clinical campus faculty are five minutes from the hospitals and are always accessible. They are absolutely wonderful. The three hospitals you work at are all within five minutes of each other and the diverse experiences you will have are incredible."