Academic Affairs

Contacting Binghamton Campus Academic Affairs
Leann M. Lesperance, MD, PhD
Interim Associate Dean
607 772-3521
Vicki C. Monticello
Medical Educator
607 771-3723
Kelly A. Cortright
Clerkship Coordinator: Neuroscience and OB/GYN
607 771-3720
Donna A. Dranchok
Clerkship Coordinator: Clinical Bioethics and Primary Care
607 772-3523
Penny J. Holt
Clerkship Coordinator: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Surgery Sub Specialties: Anesthesiology, ENT, Orthopedics and Urology
607 763-6042
Melissa E. Rowley
Secretary, Academic Affairs
Clerkship Coordinator: Pediatrics and Psychiatry
607 772-3525
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Academic Affairs Offices are located in Binghamton in the Garvin Building on the Greater Binghamton Health Center campus.
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Binghamton Campus
607 772-3516
425 Robinson Street
Binghamton, New York 13904