Spend time with Ultrasound students

John Knack, Ultrasound (BPS), Class of 2015, entered Ultrasound after earning his Radiography degree. "The Medical Imaging program here at Upstate is very relevant to the job market out there. The training you receive in class gives you the confidence you need for the clinical setting. The faculty are very caring. They want to make sure you know the material."

Ultrasound (BS, BPS)

Ultrasound Program
College of Health Professions
Rm. 1111, 788 Irving Ave
Syracuse, NY 13210
Map & direction
Phone: 315 464-4570
Name: Kenneth Galbraith, Chair
Email: mis@upstate.edu

The Ultrasound (Bachelor of Science and Professional Studies) program takes two years (five semesters) and starts in the fall. Students rotate through clinical education settings in the Central New York region.

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