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"I chose Upstate because the environment was very welcoming and it seemed like a great environment to learn. The faculty are great and willing to help anyone."
— Kristina Wulff

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program of Study

Program of Study

The first year begins in the summer, and the program of study includes a minimum of 121 graduate credit hours over three years (including summers). The curriculum includes classroom instruction and clinical education experiences, which may include day, evening, and weekend classes.

Clinical Education

Clinical education comprises nearly one third of the curriculum and we are committed to high quality learning experiences that prepare students for successful entry into the profession. Students participate in short-term, integrated clinical experiences embedded within courses as well as in thirty-six weeks of full-time clinical education experiences interspersed throughout the program, including two ten-week clinical experiences in the final semester.  The full-time experiences occur in 4 different practice settings. Students should plan to travel for one or more of these full-time clinical experiences as several excellent learning opportunities are available that are not commutable from Syracuse.  These include experiences throughout the state of New York, including the Metro-NYC area, the tri-state area, as well as some opportunities across the nation.

First Year

Summer Session Credit Hours
PHYT 601 Gross Anatomy 6
PHYT 602 Professional Behaviors 3
Total 9
Fall Session Credit Hours
PHYT 611 Bioscience I 5
PHYT 615 Interventions I 3
PHYT 621 Foundations of Patient/Client Management 3
PHYT 625 Movement Analysis & Patient/Client Management I 4
PHYT 642 Research Methods 2
Total 17
Spring Semester Credit Hours
PHYT 604 Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy 3
PHYT 605 Neuroscience 6
PHYT 612 Bioscience II 2
PHYT 616 Interventions II 2
PHYT 626 Movement Analysis & Patient/Client Management II 4
Total 17

Second Year

Summer Session Credit Hours
PHYT 631 Patient/Client Management: Adult Neurological Disorders 3
PHYT 632 Patient/Client Management: The Spine 2
PHYT 644 Physiology of Exercise 2
Total 7
Fall Session Credit Hours
PHYT 636 Patient/Client Management: Acquired Conditions 3
PHYT 641 Teaching & Learning in PT 2
PHYT 661 Clinical Experience I 8
Total 13
Spring Semester Credit Hours
Elective 1-3
PHYT 618 Interventions III 3
PHYT 634 Patient/Client Management: Developmental Disabilities 3
PHYT 643 Critical Inquiry 1
PHYT 646 Patient/Client Management:Orthopedics 3
PHYT 647 Psychosocial Aspects of Patient Care 2
PHYT 648 Imaging 2
Total 15 - 18

Third Year

Summer Session Credit Hours
Elective 1-3
PHYT 650 Integumentary Management 1
PHYT 662 Clinical Experience II 8
Total 9 - 12
Fall Session Credit Hours
Elective 1-3
PHYT 635 Patient/Client Management: Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Disorders 3
PHYT 651 Applied Clinical Decision Making 2
PHYT 652 Management Principles 3
PHYT 653 Medical Ethics for Physical Therapists 2
PHYT 654 Geriatrics for Physical Therapists 2
Total 12 - 15
Spring Semester Credit Hours
PHYT 663 Clinical Experience III 10
PHYT 664 Clinical Experience IV 10
Total 20

Minimum number of credits: 121 (includes 3 required credits of electives).
Students may take up to 9 credits of electives for a total of 127.

Contact: Office of Admissions
Phone: 315 464-4570
Email: admiss@upstate.edu