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Anne Reilley

"I chose Upstate because the environment was very welcoming and it seemed like a great environment to learn. The faculty are great and willing to help anyone."
— Kristina Wulff

Admission Requirements: Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

The admission requirements for the Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program are as follows:

  • Baccalaureate Degree
  • Minimum GPA of a 3.0 cumulative and prerequisite is required. Preference is given to GPA's of 3.3 or better.
  • Graduate Record Exam-GRE's
    GRE exams must have been completed within five years of matriculation into the DPT program.
    GRE exams may be waived for applicants who have completed a masters or doctorate degree.
  • Personal interview, if invited. Upstate Medical University uses the Multi Mini-Interview (MMI) process for interviews. The MMI interview process divides the traditional graduate school interview into a series of brief, carefully timed interview stations designed to assess specific skills and qualities by presenting the applicant with a question, scenario, or task. This format provides applicants the opportunity to meet with several interviewers and gives them a chance to interact with students, faculty, and administrators.
  • A variety of Physical Therapy volunteer or work experiences is strongly recommended
  • How to Apply
  • Completion of Prerequisite Courses
  • Application deadline for PTCAS is December 15
  • Application deadline for the Upstate Supplemental Application and the $65 application fee is February 1
    • The Upstate Supplemental Application is only available upon completion of the PTCAS Application
    • PTCAS GRE code for SUNY Upstate is 0387