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"I chose Upstate because the environment was very welcoming and it seemed like a great environment to learn. The faculty are great and willing to help anyone."
— Kristina Wulff

Prerequisite Courses: Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

The Prerequisite Course Work Includes the Following:

Anatomy & Physiology I & II (or a semester of Anatomy and a semester of Physiology) 8
General Biology I & II 8
General Chemistry I & II 8
General Physics I & II 8
English (composition recommended) 3
Statistics 3
Psychology (Child Psychology or Developmental Psychology recommended) 3
Social Science 3

NOTE: All science courses require laboratory experience.

Physics can be algebra or calculus based.

Only grades of "C" or higher are acceptable. Higher grades are required for a competitive admission application. All prerequisite courses must be completed by June 1 of the year of proposed entrance. All science requirements must include laboratories, and courses for science majors are recommended.

A course equivalency guide for the College of Health Professions pre-requisites is available online.  Please note that applicants are not required to attend any of the colleges listed on the guide.  Prospective students will questions about pre-requisites should e-mail Student Admissions at admissfa@upstate.edu.