Program of Study for the Transitional Doctor Doctoral Program

Core Credit Hours
PHYT 655 Applied Decision Making - Case Report Methodology 1
PHYT 665 Differential Diagnosis and Imaging, Part I 3
PHYT 666 Differential Diagnosis and Imaging, Part II 2
PHYT 682 Evidence-Based Practice and Decision Making 3
PHYT 689 Evolving Theoretical Foundations of Physical Therapy Practice 1
PHYT 692 Case Analysis Seminar 3
Total 13

Electives Credit Hours
PHYT 622 Current Issues in Pediatric Physical Therapy 1–3
PHYT 623 Current Issues in Orthopedic Physical Therapy 1–3
PHYT 624 Current Issues in Geriatric Physical Therapy 1–3
PHYT 627 Current Issues in Acute Care Physical Therapy 1–3
PHYT 628 Current Issues in Physical Therapy Research 1–3
PHYT 629 Current Issues in Sports Physical Therapy 1–3
PHYT 649 Personal and Professional Marketing 1
PHYT 656 Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Fellowship variable
PHYT 657 Health Systems and Reimbursement 2
PHYT 658 Clinical Fellowship variable
PHYT 659 Teaching Practicum variable
PHYT 660 Current Topics in Exercise 1–3
PHYT 673 Evidence-based Approach to Exercise Science 2
PHYT 674 Evidence-based Approach to Exercise Science with Lab 3
PHYT 675 Research Fellowship variable
PHYT 676 Adult Learning: Instructional Design for Physical Therapists 1
PHYT 678 Adult Learning: Instructional Delivery for Physical Therapists 1
PHYT 679 Adult Learning: Instructional Assessment for Physical Therapists 1
PHYT 680 Current Topics in Physical Therapy 1–3
PHYT 683 Health Promotion/Marketing 1
PHYT 684 Rehabilitation Pharmacology 2
PHYT 688 Movement Science and Motor Learning 2
PHYT 698 Doctoral Continuation Credit 0.5

Consortium courses may be taken as electives
Check Consortium for Culture and Medicine for an updated list.

Examples include:

  • Medical Anthropology (3)
  • Ethics and the Health Professions (3)
  • Medicine in Literature and Film (3)
  • Bioethics and the Law (3)
  • Stages of Life and Health Care (3)
  • Comparative Medical Care Systems: Economic Dimensions (3)
  • Culture and Mental Disorder (3)
  • Dying and Death in American Literature (3)
  • Healing Practices (3)
  • Medical Social Psychology (3)
  • Reforming the US Health Care System (3)

Applicants with MPT or MPS Degrees from SUNY Upstate Medical University are required to take 3 credits of electives in addition to the 13 core credits for a total of 16 credits. Up to 3 credits may be transferred as determined by the student's portfolio.

Applicants with Master's Degrees from other institutions or post-professional master's degrees need only 30 credits, half of which may be eligible for transfer to reduce the total of required credits to 15. These 15 credit hours include the required 13 credit core.

Applicants with Bachelor's or Certificate Degrees in Physical Therapy 50 credit hours. 50% of these may be eligible for transfer, reducing the total required to 25. These 25 credit hours include the required 13 credit core.

Electives: Electives may be taken as required Director's Choice credits, determined after the portfolio review and/or as courses determined jointly between the applicant and his/her faculty advisor. The portfolio review is designed to bridge the gap between the competency expectations of the DPT and the applicant's demonstrated knowledge. This review identifies specific content areas the applicant must pursue as part of his/her program of study.

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