Technical Standards

Medical radiographers assist physicians by providing high quality images of virtually every part of the body in order to make accurate diagnoses of injury or disease. These professionals attend to patients' needs during examination and position patients for specific projections, determine exposure factors and make exposures.

Students are expected to master the technical standards of their program.

  • Make clinical decisions based upon available information.
  • Verify the accuracy of the available clinical information.
  • Use clinical information and/or independent judgement to modify standard procedures.
  • Record clinical information relative to patients and procedures.
  • Use and understand medical/technical terminology.
  • Assess and monitor the physical and psychological condition of patients before, during and after imaging procedures.
  • Monitor the operation of medical imaging equipment* during imaging procedures.
  • Identify and report malfunctions in the operation of medical imaging equipment.
  • Assist patients in safely moving from one location to another.
  • Manipulate (adjust, move, etc.) medical imaging equipment and patients in order to accomplish the requirements and outcomes of imaging procedures.
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with patients, their families, and all members of the health care team about a patient's condition as called for under the circumstances.
  • Use effective methods and techniques to identify, process and apply pertinent clinical information during imaging procedures.
  • Evaluate the quality of radiologic images according to established standards of excellence.
  • Practice medical imaging safety concerning ionizing radiation and MRI safety.
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities according to ethical/professional standards, as established in the code of ethics for all medical imaging practitioners.
*Medical imaging equipment includes Radiography, CT, MRI, and Sonography.

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Jay Fabbri
Jay Fabbri, MIS Class of 2012, is considered a non-traditional student at age 35. Fabbri, a Syracuse native, came to Upstate's Medical Imaging program in 2010 from Onondaga Community College. He enjoys the variety and fast pace of his clinical rotations in Upstate University Hospital, and is looking toward a career in interventional radiography.
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