Technical Standards

Respiratory Therapy is a life-supporting, life enhancing health care profession practiced under medical direction. Respiratory therapy services provided to patients with disorders of the cardiopulmonary system include: diagnostic testing, therapeutics, monitoring and rehabilitation.

Students are expected to master the technical standards of their program.

  • Monitor and utilize patient care systems and scientific equipment effectively and accurately. (e.g. gauges and digital displays on diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.)
  • Assess and record the physiologic and pathophysiologic status and changes in patients. (e.g. breathing and heartbeat; changes in patient activity, mood, posture, etc.)
  • Detect and respond appropriately to malfunctions in medical equipment. (e.g. leaking air and safety alarms.)
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with patients, their families, and all members of the health care team about a patient's condition, as called for under the circumstances.
  • Acquire and record information using written documentation, computer information systems and images from paper, slides or video.
  • Move immobile patients and transport equipment. (e.g. hospital bed, stretcher, ventilator, treatment machines, diagnostic equipment.)
  • Practice universal precautions against contamination and cross contamination with infectious pathogens. (e.g. wearing personal protective equipment.)
  • Adapt and function effectively under various circumstances and rigors which are inherent in the practice of Respiratory Therapy.
  • Practice in a safe manner and respond appropriately to emergencies and urgencies. (e.g. perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.)
  • Utilize intellectual ability, exercise proper judgement, timely and accurately complete responsibilities intrinsic in patient care.
  • Develop effective and appropriate relationship with patients, colleagues, co workers and relevant others.

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