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Cardiovascular Perfusion Captioned Video

"Some perfusion schools just do academic work. Not here. We start off observing in the OR and doing academic work. Then we start doing the perfusion work. It's intense, but someone's always watching you. They won't let you do anything wrong. They don't expect you to know everything. You're supposed to ask questions." —T. Patel

How is a Cardiopulmonary Bypass Performed?

  • The surgeon places a cannula (a specialized piece of tubing) into the patients right atrium.
  • The patient's blood is then drawn through a tube into a reservoir. A pump (artificial Heart) is used to pump the blood from the reservoir into an oxygenator (artificial lung) where oxygen is added and carbon dioxide is removed.
  • From there the blood passes up another tube and is returned to the arteries through a cannula the surgeon places in the aorta.

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