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Cardiovascular Perfusion Captioned Video

"Some perfusion schools just do academic work. Not here. We start off observing in the OR and doing academic work. Then we start doing the perfusion work. It's intense, but someone's always watching you. They won't let you do anything wrong. They don't expect you to know everything. You're supposed to ask questions." —T. Patel

Prerequisite Courses: Cardiovascular Perfusion


Semester Hours
Life Sciences (1)
General Physics I with lab (2) (3)
General Physics II with lab (2) (3)
General Chemistry I with lab (3)
General Chemistry II with lab (3)
Additional Science Courses
College Algebra or Pre-calculus or Calculus
English Composition

(1) Life Science Courses include: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Physiology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Zoology, Neuroscience, Biology, Genetics, Pathology, Evolutionary Biology, Cell Physiology, etc. 

(2) Physics can be algebra or calculus based.

(3) Must include labs.  Classes for science majors.

Statistics recommended

Minimum grade is a "C."

A course equivalency guide for the College of Health Professions prerequisites is available online.  Please note that applicants are not required to attend any of the colleges listed on the guide.  Prospective students with questions about prerequisites should e-mail Student Admissions at admissfa@upstate.edu.