Course Equivalency Guide

SUNY Upstate is an upper-division transfer and graduate college. Students in our bachelors programs complete a minimum 60 semester hours of pre-requisite courses prior to enrolling. Students in our graduate degree programs complete pre-requisite courses and a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling.

The pre-requisite courses are not taught at SUNY Upstate. Applicants take the pre-requisite courses at another college prior to enrolling at Upstate. Applicants are able to attend the accredited college(s) of their choice to complete the pre-requisites. Applicants who have questions about pre-requisites may e-mail Student Admissions at Please include the name of the program you are considering in any correspondence.

Below is a list of course equivalencies for various community, 2 year and 4 year colleges. Additional course equivalency guides will be added as completed.

PLEASE NOTE: The following course equivalencies have been developed by SUNY Upstate Medical University as meeting the pre-requisite course requirements for programs within the College of Health Professions. To determine which classes you need, check the pre-requisites for your intended program and match them up with the course equivalencies below.Completing the pre-requisites does not guarantee admission to SUNY Upstate or our programs. Some of the pre-requisites may have pre-requisites of their own that must be completed prior to enrolling in the course. It’s the prospective student’s responsibility to research this.

Pre-requisites may be completed at any 2 or 4 year accredited college.