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Friday, Jan 24, 2014

From Lab to Landscape: Integrated Infectious Disease Research

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SUNY ESF, Gateway Building
Syracuse, NY

With a focus on multidisciplinary aspects of infectious diseases and environmental health, the symposium will feature distinguished speakers from research, academia, and public health practice. Topics will include current research on factors associated with the burden of emerging diseases of people and wildlife including:

  • ecological and climatic drivers
  • social and behavioral determinants
  • vector ecology and control
  • vaccine development and challenges
  • public health surveillance and interventions. 


For more information please contact, Michelle Scott, LPN at scottmic@upstate.edu

This event is sponsored by SUNY "Conversations in the Disciplines" (CID)

CGHATS in the Field

In January 2013 Dr. Stewart Ibarra and Dr King met with public health officials and visited clinics in Machala, Ecuador, to understand the challenges to diagnosing and managing dengue fever in coastal Ecuador. This visit contributes to an ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Health to improve dengue diagnostics and surveillance in southern coastal Ecuador. Dengue is emerging and evolving disease in this region. All four serotypes of the dengue virus have circulated since 2000, and the first cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever appeared in Ecuador in 2003. Doctors in Ecuador said that the disease is becoming more severe, with symptoms beginning earlier and new symptoms emerging, such as hepatitis, encephalitis, and mycocarditis.